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Friday, November 23, 2018


Monday I had a very special friend visit.......FIONA  Her hubby dropped her at my door so I thought it best to take her in lol! We had a lovely day of chatting and sewing and as always our day went way to fast. So fast in fact we forgot to take a photo!
Fiona bought my  "Blessings " quilt home to me after working her magic on it.
I LOVE it! Here's a few snapshots of her wonderful work.
Pretty scallops....
Rings and stars.....
Love the stars...
Fiona replicated the star in quilting.....
So it's time for binding now. I shall show you when I am done.
Blessings came home and Brinton Hall went to Fiona's for a quilty holiday lol!
Fiona and I also discussed our progress on Wings that we and another friend are stitching together. You can see Fiona's beautiful French General version HERE
After preparing for the corner applique.....sweet butterflies
I am now getting them stitched in place.
I shall embroider some antennae when they are all done. I am really looking forward to the next row of applique blocks......ok back to my secret sewing. I have had a wonderful time with friends this week.
Friends amongst whom you can be yourself are treasures indeed.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Fantastic to have a sewing day with Fiona, thank goodness you took her in!! The quilting on your Blessings is beautiful, your butterfly is cute, it is really interesting seeing yours and Fionas progress on your quilts.

  2. Lovely to see the quilting Fiona has done. The two of you work so well together.

  3. Beautiful quilting for a beautiful quilt. Am enjoying seeing both of your progress on Wings. xx

  4. Thank you for taking me off the street for the day! It was such a lovely day and went far too fast..... your quilt is so beautiful... you are so clever (and lucky it didn't just move in with me! ) happy stitching … love the flutterby's….

  5. Sew nice to have invited Fiona in for a nice day sewing and chatting.Fiona worked magic on your beautiful quilt.. I'm sure Brinton Hall will be just a gorgeous on it's return.

  6. Lots and lots of pretty designs. Take Care

  7. good morning Michelle,lol so glad you didnt leave Fiona standing on the front door step. Beautiful FMQ Fiona has done on your beautiful quilt.Love your work you did last night well done my friend .

  8. quilt owners are always delighted to be reunited with their quilts, Fiona has done a lovely job.

  9. Your quilt looks amazing! Well done to both you and Fiona. It is lovely that you have so many friends to share your love of art and stitching.

  10. Your quilt is sooo gorgeous, beautiful work. It's lovely to have friends to stitch with. Happy stitching :)

  11. How fun to have Fiona drop in!! Love, love the blessings quilt... it is just beautiful! And Fiona's quilting is amazing xx


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