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Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Roundup

Another week has seemingly flown by and Summer is giving us a preview this week of what's in store for us.....a very warm one forecast for us today.
For many years now Jacaranda trees seem to have become the herald of Spring in Brisbane with masses of beautiful mauve/blue blooms everywhere.
My old tree gives her best each year......such a pretty sight outside my verandah.
I love the visitors that come.....believe or not but their a lots of birdie bums amongst those blossoms. I look forward each  year to the Blue faced Honeyeaters that seem to just love the sweet blooms......I tried very hard for a photo to show you and this was the best I could do lol!
Some find the carpet of mauve on their lawns annoying.....I think it looks  so pretty!
Sewing wise I have been doing a little festive stitching......
The hexie border is on Wings waiting for butterflies in each corner....made a bit of a mess of my measuring and chopped but I am not crying over what I cannot put back!

Slow stitching on 1797 Revisted has been taking place whilst waiting in the car for the Grandie pickup..
Decisions on the fabric choices takes me! Trying hard to use what I have and give my treasured French General bits another turn at becoming something beautiful......apparently I am not alone lol!
We have a timber room divider and it is something we saved hard for back in the day but now looks very tired so the dear husband is giving it a revamp in lovely pearl.
This photo is called...."Suprised Tradie" lol!
I had only just got all the dust cleaned in all the nooks and crannies from the sanding in the entry and it seems we are at it again.....
Looking forward to it being done.
Enjoy your weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. The Jacaranda looks beautiful and I am sure that the petals on the lawn must look stunning. Love your Wings border. xx

  2. Love the jacaranda trees and flowers, nothing better than a carpet of the beautiful flowers. All your hexies look great, you are making wonderful progress with your quilt top...good to see the tradie is being kept busy!! Hope the little birdie bums keep visiting. Am doing the Aussie Bird count this week, it is surprising how many birds tou see when you sit quietly and watch and listen.

  3. so many things happening.... Wings is coming along beautifully.... love that border. our jacaranda doesn't bloom! must be a will have a whole newly painted house soon!

  4. It was a stinker on Friday. We were teased too as DD2 got air con installed but.... no sparky to connect it!!!!Couldn't catch up as it was a literal flying visit. Love all the sewing gomh on at your place and DD2 loves the Jacarandas too!

  5. I love seeing the jacarandas in bloom and really miss the one from our last home. How lovely to see the birds arriving to enjoy them, too.
    Yes, that Christmas stitching time has snuck up on us. Love the little decorations.
    Good progress on your big projects, too.
    Never complain about work being done around the house, even if it does mean dust. At least it is being done!

  6. The (few) Jacarandas here don't bloom till later in the year - they are so beautiful, I always wish we had more of them. Your handwork is looking gorgeous - you are making really good progress. Love your little hanging gingies :-)

  7. I always remember my Mum when I see a Jacaranda, she loves these trees, its one of the things she still remembers and loves (dementia). Love having a handyman around to fix things, glad you have one too. Take care, Guida.

  8. Our weathers are changing. It's Halloween here today. Do you have the same holidays as we do. Good to have a handy hubby. Sweet little birds.


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