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Saturday, October 6, 2018

FNWF October

My goodness these Friday nights seem to come around so quickly....or perhaps that's just me. They are a great opportunity to stitch a long with fellow stitchers or yarn wranglers all over Australia and overseas today.
Thank you CHERYLL for bringing us all together.
My efforts were bits and bobs.....
Tried out some tiny hexies to see what kind of a flower they will make...
Finished off a circle to make another block of 4 in my bright circles.
And then finished by stitching long hexies together. I managed 1 and a half rows worth for the 2nd border on my "Wings and Pretty Things " quilt.
A very enjoyable way to spend my about you? If you click HERE you can find the link to see what other Friday nighters got up to.
We have had a little rain here overnight with more I wish I could take a depth breath and blow it out west where it is truly needed.
The garden is of course responding in green and I am excited to have my strawberry plants starting to bear my favourite colour RED!

I wish you a lovely weekend however you choose to spend it.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It is nice to have a few projects on the go to give yourself a break and variety.

  2. You keep busy working on your projects Michelle.
    Happy Sunday.

  3. lovely sewing with you..... that hexie is very tiny! pretty long hexies happening

  4. You are always so busy with some amazing projects
    Our strawberries are still tiny tiny little green ones Yours looks good enough to eat

  5. Such a tiny hexie. I admire anyone who sews such small things. Well done...xox

  6. Lovely stitching all round.
    Your strawberries are way ahead of ours, but that is no surprise. Enjoy!

  7. Love your varied steps of progress xx

  8. Wow..makes my weeks work seem so little.
    Love your work. Catch up soon. x

  9. Hope you enjoyed the tiny hexie. I like that size.Lucky you with the strwaberries... ours are looking a bit sad but hopefully will catch up.

  10. so, tiny hexies make . . .a tiny flower??
    Your long hexies give me an idea . . .if only I needed a new project!

  11. Are they 1/4" hexies Michelle? Love the effect of the long hexies. xx

  12. Love the tiny hexies , and your circles and hexies are looking great too. You got lots done. Enjoy those strawberries.

  13. It looks like a satisfying time sewing Michelle...lovely stitching :-) Oh yummy, nice to see those strawberries growing! I feel the same about our weather too - we could easily send some of our rain over your way and out west.

  14. A very productive evening. Yumm! Strawberries. Ours are a long way off - not even any flowers as yet. Still too cold.


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