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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Friends and a Finish

I had a great day out yesterday at the Brisbane Quilt show. It was like old home week running into lots of friends....Ann, Diane, Sue, Fionna, Lynda and lunch with SUSAN and FIONA
Fiona and I had arranged to meet up for the day and we managed to lead each other astray. I did bring some treasures home....
A lovely Sashiko kit which I have been drooling over as my friends have stitched them.....needles, which resulted in lovely fabrics sticking to the needles lol!
Some pretty French General and French Linen pieces too.
A little bag of secret goodies....
There were so many beautiful quilts on display but unfortunately this year photography was prohibited so you will have to take my word for it.
But I  was a very happy stitcher when I fell into bed last night with a head swimming with beautiful things.
Speaking of beautiful things, I have sewn the binding down on my Gardener's Journal quilt. It was another quilted by clever friend FIONA
I am so pleased with the beautiful quilting .
Love the pretty vines and leaves.....perfect for a Gardener's quilt.
Lots of sweet details....
The only thing left to do is write on the label.
I am so happy to have finally stitched 2 of my favourite Anni Downs quilt designs....its only taken me years and years! But I got there eventually!
I have one more quilt collected from Fiona that needs binding too.
So of course that means that I am allowed to do new things....
Last night some tiny hexies were sewn!
And I am looking forward to getting back to my design..."Wings and Pretty Things "
Have a lovely day folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle how wonderful that you got to catch up with Fiona and Susan ,I can just imagine the mischief that you guys got up to.
    Lovely purchases ,love those pinks.
    Wow Michelle loving your own design,beautiful work my friend Namaste and blessings xx

  2. Nice catch up time with your pals! Those are some very small hexies! Wings and pretty things looks pretty.

  3. It's great to catch up with your stitchy friends at a Craft Show...
    Nice treasures came home with you..
    Beautiful GJ finish..
    WOW! they are tiny hexies..

  4. It was a really fun day but went way too fast. you are mad with those tiny hexies.. .I trust there are none in Wings and Pretty things!!! I can't wait to sew that with you. Your quilt is just gorgeous - I love the colours and of course your work is beautiful...

  5. What a great day out - meeting up with friends and coming home with lovely goodies too. GJ looks amazing. Your Wings block looks great and I wonder what is happening with those little hexies! xx

  6. Gosh those hexies are teeny tiny Michelle! I love how your friend has quilted your gardeners quilt ... just stunning. Sounds like a lovely day out with your friends.

  7. Wonderful day out with Fiona and Susan. Lovely goodies you took home!! Fiona has done a stunning job with your gardeners quilt, just beautiful. You have some teeny tiny hexies there.

  8. Looks like a great day at the craft show. I'm just back from a retreat at Warwick. Am off to show on Saturday.

  9. Craft shows are always tempting and are a great time to catch up with everyone. How wonderful to have your latest quilt finished. It is a beautiful design.

  10. Hi Michelle,
    wonderful quilt, congratulations.

  11. LOL - I didn't see "no photographY" so took some - though I do acknowledge that I wasn't to put any on social media without permission - party poopers....I love seeing quilts at quilt show that I can't get to .
    Fun to meet up with you & Fiona - several times!

  12. Lots of fun and mischief at the Quilt show, I've always wanted to go and still never been, ummm maybe next year.
    The Gardener's Journal quilt is really lovely, ummm I must start on mine soon too.....

  13. So many beautiful projects happening. Love your block wings and pretty things.

  14. You did very well with your purchases and I love the quilting on your quilt. I went yesterday to the quilt show, had fun and was exhausted after a few hours. It seemed smaller than previous years but still wonderful to attend. Guida

  15. The quilt show looks like lots of fun and stash enabling, too - how wonderful. You have some great projects on the go.

  16. Love going to these quilt shows. Glad you had a great time.
    And well done with finishing the binding on your quilt. A beautiful finish.


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