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Friday, February 16, 2018


Well it is official folks! I am a Whingey Weather Whiner!  Not enjoying this little heatwave at all!
After a wild old storm Sunday night, a poor family near us had a big tree fall on their roof so we had no power for 21 hours....which meant no fans or that was fun! Many homes across our city were in the same situation as winds bought trees down everywhere. We are used to doing without TV and devices etc from our camping trips but the heat was a wee bit trying! Makes you wonder how our pioneering folk managed as they did.
Still, a few little gems throughout have been.....
Beautiful freshly picked lemons from a friends bountiful tree to pop in chilled water to cool us.
They also smell devine....thanks Mrs B. Xx
A good book to disappear into...
This was such a lovely story, an easy read....loved it!
Stitching day with friends in air con was very enjoyable. Brinton Hall got a bit more attention between laughter and chatter.
When we were without power hexie flowers were the way to go....4 more done!
Recently I had an in depth conversation with my Grandson who was telling me about a not so good day at school. He really liked the saying "Some days are diamonds and some days are stones" from the old John Denver song I told him about. Explaining that the not so good days made the good ones even better. His conclusion was that "if you didn't have dull stones you wouldn't know that diamonds sparkle" these precious moments.
I wish you all many 'diamond days' oh and some cool breezes!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. We could trade, some of our cold and wetness for some of your heat...

  2. I am with you on the heat, just knocks you about! Feel for the poor people with the tree thru the roof though. Very pretty hexies you've made there. Your Grandson is a treasure, his understanding of good and bad days is amazing!

  3. Oh, no air con would be just awful in this heat but at least you could sew!

  4. We have been very lucky with all the power loss at all. Bring on the winter. Lovely stitching again.
    Aren't Grandkids the best. Hope to catch up with most of ours this weekend. 😍

  5. Yes, agreed, I am officially OVER it!! No air con is awful, or in our case, one little air con which can't cope over 35deg. Which has been every day for us! I retreat to the mall. Love that diamond child.

  6. Do hope power is has been restored, hard to cope with no power when it's sew hot.
    Good to be able to stitch and read to pass the time.
    Love your dear GS..

  7. Our ancestors must have been made of stern stuff as the weather in Sydney has been so humid this year. We are fortunate to live on the coast and get lovely sea breezes most days. Happy to hear that you didn't receive any damage in the storms; they were pretty ferocious. Your hexies are looking lovely.

  8. Me too Michelle. Sick of being hot & sweaty with continual headaches. Hope your power is back on& you are staying cool. Your Grandson is a smart little cookie. Even though my Mr B is only 4 he comes out with the most amazing things. Astounds me at times. Then i say "oh he gets his intelligence from his Nan Nan" :) :). Hugs,xx

  9. I think we have got softer... but we also build less weather friendly homes these days I think..... lovely words from Grandson.... precious as a diamond...

  10. That is no fun at all. You have been having some extreme weather. I think you are entitled to complain!

  11. Gre is so good.. ... Another high 30 tomorrow then a few days of low ones......

  12. Oh I love the wisdom of your Grandson, Michelle!
    As for the heat, I really feel for everyone who is getting this terrible heat... and here I am, my little seaside city has even had 34C yet this summer & it's estimated we;re unlikely to get it.

  13. Ahh a heat wave with no electrical means of cooling off sounds distressing - glad you got some stitching and reading done to take your mind off it! Lovely conversation with your GS - how wise these young ones can be!


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