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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Busy Week Roundup

This week has been quite busy and consisted of family, friends, art and EPP.
For my arty doings pop over HERE
Family wise we had a little sickie to mind and a special birthday for our eldest Grandson. Delicious cake....sampled by yours truly!
Time has just flown by......can't believe double digits are now on his cake.
Our local paper interviewed our son about his upcoming ride.
I had a lovely stitching day down by the bay at friend Sandras home mid week....great company and chatter and I worked on my hexies for Brinton Hall.
I now have all the hexie strips basted on the border and have begun to applique them down.

Yesterday was so hot I couldn't face the quilt on my lap so I started the hexie flowers for the next border.
This border has these star thingies  with the hexie flowers which don't appeal to me so I am going with a row of hexie flowers and my own version of a star in the corners.
So I am quite pleased with Brinton Hall progress this month.
My friendly postman bought me a very nice little package this week from my friend MARINA.....
Donations for my clamshells! Yummo!
Of course I popped them away to use another day.....NOT! I was like a kid with a new toy.....had to make some new clammies straight away....especially that gorgeous bee fabric.....
My Clamshell Quilt is becoming more and more special to me with pieces from lovely friends stitched within........ generously sharing some of their beautiful reproduction fabrics with me for it.....thank you xx
My walking regime has been adhered to but this weekend with the heat and humidity it has been abandoned. A swim will have to suffice!
Well lovely folks that is me all caught up.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely Michelle! Great cake for a 10 year old. I enlarged the pic to try to read the article about your son - amazing! Your Brinton Hall is looking rather wonderful! Have a great week. Xx

  2. goodluck to your boy for his upcoming ride...........
    I walked at daylight this morning and it was still 29deg..........and still as a bird.......nice EPP projects.......maybe Lucy needs a block made and then tucked away again...........

  3. Double digits already - how time flies! And our No 1 grandson will hit 10 next year. Can't believe it can you. I love your clamshell fabrics, so pretty, and yes, too hot for walking, or sewing, or anything, really, lol. Onya, Lucas!! xxx

  4. What a lovely week you had. xx

  5. Double figures, wow! Well done, Lucas. Brinton Hall is lovely, the colours are so pretty.....and more clam shells to play with, what more could you want?

  6. You have managed to squeeze a lot into your week. What fun to be part of the birthday celebrations. Ad great to see your lovely stitching progress.

  7. Hi Michelle ,happy birthday to Lockie and great to be spending time with family. Great write up about Lucas and it great to see him looking so fit and well,go Lucas. I am loving your Brinton Hall it looking gorgeous,great to see your clamshells building up ,you have had lots to keep you busy. Namaste and blessings to you my friend xx

  8. when the grandies hit the double digits.... he looks great and well done to Lucas... great effort and he looks really well. love your Brinton Hall... you are truly mad with little hexagons and clamshells at the same time!

  9. The cake looks yumm. Happy Birthday to your GS. Well done to Lucas. Love your Brinton Hall. What size do you need for the clamshells? I remember asking at the craft show but it's gone out of my head. Hugs,xx

  10. You have had a great week. Good luck to Lucas on his ride and am loving the hexies and clamshells.

  11. Your quilt is sooooo lovely. Such a thrill having your handsome son in the paper.

  12. Oh that cake looks YUMBO!
    Great work on Brinton too... love how it's shaping up x

  13. Your quilt is looking great. Well done to your son.

  14. Your quilt is looking wonderful Michelle, love those bumble bees, how special are they!! Good luck to Lucas for his big ride, he looks great. How cute is that birthday face! Wonderful looking cake.

  15. Hi Michelle. I love the pretty photos of your son and grandson. Your hexagons are beautiful! Kisses, my friend.

  16. So Damn Hot - erk! Brinton hall is really going well. Love the cake too.

  17. that was an interesting read about Lucas! My goodness - glad to hear he I see well and wow, good luck to him with the cycling! Our granddaughter turns double digits this year - I'm really hoping to make the trip up to Townsville to be there for her special birthday.
    What a lovely surprise in the mail with some lovely fabrics for clammies! My only EPP thus far has been with hexies and most of them are sitting in various tins ...........

  18. The Bringing Hall looks great, as does the cake!

  19. Another lovely post Michelle. It sounds like the heat is really affecting life - I hope you get a break from it soon. Great family time with a double digit brthday and Lucas' epic ride and write up. Brinton Hall is looking amazing!!!

  20. I just love your EPP quilt, it is so pretty! xx


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