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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stitching and Show and Tell

Oh I am delighting in the cooler weather, although yesterdays wind was enough to blow  your wig on backwards! I enjoyed stitching time with my friends at our friend Denises home. I was very diligent and took my No.10 UFO item to work on.
One flower was accomplished!
My friend Lorel surprised me when she bought a Christmas quilt top she had made to show is made up of all my little stitchery designs.

I was very chuffed and loved seeing looks wonderful and Lorel stitches so beautifully. In fact I snapped Lorels UFO that she was working on.....these sweet French General clamshells. 1 inch I think.
Aren't they lovely! Lots of work....I am bit anxious now as I have 8 blocks of 1 inch clamshells to do for the final row of Brinton Hall......yikes!
All the 16 hexie flowers are now ready for applique on the next BH border.
One somehow jumped off the table but I have done 16.
I have received lovely mail this morning from friend JEANETTE more yummy pieces for my clamshells......
How cute is this card Jeanette popped in with them.....
I am sure that is me without my shoes lol! Thanks so very much Jeanette.
I saw this on FB the other day and it is so true. You may think the smallest of kindnesses are not very important but they matter so much and so do you!

I am resting today as I have a really sore shoulder from thinking I am still 21 and flinging a very heavy art bag with abandon into my car....ouch! I  was pretending it wasn't really hurting and that it would go giving it time out.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Be careful flinging heavy bags with gay abandon, my husband did just that and tore his shoulder! Some very pretty stitching to admire today, and yes, it is cooler here too thank goodness.

  2. Hi Michelle,wow i love what Lorel has done with your stitcheries,her quilt looks fantastic as does her clamshells. How sweet of Jeanette to send you that lovely fabric and funny card,quilty friends are the best. Love your vase block and take care of yourself my friend i want to be able to give you a big hug ,Namaste and Blessing to you Michelle xx

  3. oops forgot to say love that message so true and good to be kind xx

  4. Well the cooler weather is lovely. Was in Warwick for retreat...a bit colder there. Great time and some sewing done.
    Love the vase....flower. great saying.

  5. How lovely it must be to see your designs all stitched up by others!! Love the fb quote... so true... hope your shoulder gets better soon and enjoy the cooler weather xx

  6. Its so nice not to be melting, love your projects and that Xmas quilt looks wonderful, what a clever friend you have. Take care of yourself, hope your shoulder feels better soon. guida

  7. Oh gosh, sorry about the shoulder. Isn't it so annoying that our bodies can't do what our brains think they could? Take care. Lovely quilt by Lorel and what a great idea. Great start on your next UFO and those weeny little clamshells are just lovely to look at....

  8. Sorry to read about your shoulder. That is annoying when it interferes with stitching. Hope you bounce back quickly. Thanks for sharing the lovely stitching photos.

  9. Ouch , that's not fun , sure hope your shoulder feels much better soon .love the quilt made using your amazing stitchery patterns. The clam shells are lovely too and so are your hexies ❤

  10. I hope your shoulder improves with rest, it is frustrating when our bodies do not do what our minds want them to do!! Your flower looks beautiful! Love the stitcheries Christmas quilt and the clam shells are so cute! Very special mail from Jeanette with the great card. The saying is very true, those acts of kindness are very important.

  11. Hope your sore shoulder improves very soon. These aches and pains which appear as we grow older are most unwelcome - I'm sure we all feel much younger than we really are!

  12. Oh dear. Sorry bout your shoulder. I hope it gets better soon. Love the Christmas quilt. I had been thinking of doing something similar with the little stitcheries i've saved over the years from the notes you include with patterns but all i've done is carefully saved them. :) Hugs,xx

  13. Great work on the Yoko Saito block...Love the little clam shells with the plain ones added in.
    Not so good hurting your shoulder though 0 hope its getting better.

  14. Do hope your shoulder is feeling better.
    Always lovely to spend time stitching with friends.Great show and tell.
    Love the card. I have one the same that I received from Heidi when she organised FNSI sew many years ago....hangs on my wall.

  15. What a great idea to use the stitcheries together.......
    I like the little sayings.....

  16. Love your yoko block, so many beautiful projects love the clam shells. Hope your shoulder is better.

  17. Sweet sweet post xxx (apart from the shoulder...)


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