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Sunday, February 25, 2018


We have received a bucketing down here over the last few days. Hence....subtropical climate equals high humidity! My favourite NOT!
Anyway as the roar of bikes was happening in my house I took myself off to the sewing room to begin putting these together.
I  took it fairly easy and have some progress....
I used my scrap drawer with a couple of bits from the borders.....really not sure whether I like it or not. Even though it isn't as bright as it looks.....still a bit bright for me.....excuse all the threads.
I have done over half so progress is being made....but if I never see another 1 1/2 inch square again after this it will be tooooo soon!
My No. 10 UFO now has all the applique done and the embroidery is taking place.
I even have started to get organised for the next perhaps enthusiasm is creeping back....hope so!
Lastly after my success with my string charity blocks for Sunday Stitchers I wanted to have a little try with some favourite know the ones I mean...the bits you just have to use every skerric of.
17 blocks done.....woohoo!
Definitely going to have a little quilt eventually.
Time to venture out and see if the bikes have ceased roaring, have a coffee and perhaps do a little more quiet stitching on No.10.
I hope my fellow Queenslanders haven't developed a covering of mould with all this wet stuff.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It looks like you had a perfect wet weather occupation. Would you like to send some of that wet stuff down our way. It's terribly dry here, although we have had a welcome storm this afternoon.

  2. not a drop of rain split and gave me some dust......send it down.......
    nice projects on the gardeners Journal

  3. Great progress on all your amazing projects ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Love the scrappiness of the fabrics as you put the stitcheries together. Looking good.
    Lovely work on all projects. beautiful applique and fun strips.
    It is a shame that we cannot share the rain around.

  5. You surely have had a lot of that wet stuff. Shame it's not spread evenly over the rest of Aussie.
    Nice way to use up your scraps by putting the GJ blocks together.
    Good progress on your UFO and lovely stripy blocks too.

  6. Hallöchen liebe Michelle

    Welche schöne Stickereien, ich mag den Quilt auch. Da bin ich schon gespannt, wann er fertig ist
    Die Blumenapplikation ist auch sehr schön.
    Das Bild von den Stiefeln und Schirm ein Traum. Dass gefällt mir sehr.

    Liebe Grüße Marika

  7. We've had some welcome rain this evening - lots of precious drops! I think your quilt is very cheerful, certainly not too bright, and cheerful is good.

  8. Your #10 is going very well..and there is plenty of time left. NO strip blocks from me ...yet - but at least I have also made a start on my #10. Love your Gardener's Journal quilt.

  9. Your embroidered blocks are coming together nicely - it's going to be such a pretty quilt.

  10. You do such beautiful work on what ever you are doing. String blocks are looking good. I know what you mean about using ever shred of fabric. Its a have too with us quilter lol.

  11. Love the projects. As much as i loved having rain it needs to stop now so i can get my very overgrown lawn mowed. Hugs,xx

  12. not enough wet stuff here. are you doing your strings on a background? I love the gardeners quilt.... wonderful way to use up the little pieces...

  13. It has been quite humid down here too. One day hot, the next day cool LOL. Well done getting your stitcheries pieced together. Love that applique.

  14. Beautiful work as always Michelle. I have done some of the stri blocks... almost as addictive as hexies and clamshells! Don't get washed away... DD2 says it's been wet.

  15. Oh dear, I had heard a lot of rain was going on up there - I hadn't thought too much about it till you mentioned the mould! That used to happen when we lived in Townsville - it was a shocker - I'm hoping it's not becoming an issue at the house in Maryborough with all the stuff we have sitting in boxes..... You are making great progress on your various projects and I totally get those small blocks- I'm afraid I just can't stitch those by machine without them getting out of shape!!!

  16. Lovely to see all those tiny bits used. Your embroidered are going together nicely. xx

  17. All that humidity must be so yuk Michelle... a good reason to get yourself into a cool room & do some sewing... lovely progress on your Anni Downs project!

  18. Hi Michelle wow your angle blocks are so cute and the quilt is looking gorgeous and i really love the vase block its gorgeous,i love all your beautiful work and you sure have been busy,not much fun when the humidity is high,take care my friend xx

  19. Hi Michelle, I think your Anni Downs quilt is looking lovely - maybe if the colours aren't quite your cup of tea a GD may lay claim to it one day...?! Lovely Yoko stitching - I think I have that book/pattern too - hmmmmm - ! Nice use of scraps too. Hope the humidity has gone for now; we were suffering from it for a while but the last few days have been a lot more pleasant.

  20. Your quilt is looking so pretty. I love the fabrics you are using. xx


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