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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stitching with Friends

Yesterday I journeyed across town to my friend Anne's new home for a stitching day with the rest of my friends. We had several empty chairs....missed you ladies.
Morning tea was very delicious......home baked Melting Moments for a bit of naughtiness and beautiful platters of fresh treats....oh did I mention cheescake after lunch!
Pretty teacups and flowers were so delightful.
I forgot to take my book for Brinton Hall so only a couple of hexies got sewn together because I couldn't remember their placement.
More little hexies for me today. I really want these teeny ones together!

So I guess I will have to tie myself to my sewing machine.
I recently received photos from my friend RAEWYN who works at the gorgeous patchwork shop THE COUNTRY YARD in Whangarei New Zealand. They are very supportive of my designs. One such design which came about really because of a request from Kerryn was "Country at Heart" Alphabet.
One of their lovely customers has given permission for me to share her quilt top featuring the alphabet. Her name is Netta.

I just love how the letter "Z" has been popped on the border....beautifully stitched Netta. Thank you for sharing and I am really thrilled you enjoyed making it.

Well, I must get cracking as daylight is burning.
For you Jacky W. missed you yesterday xx

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Hi my lovely friend,glad you had a lovely day,i love that table cloth.
    What a beautiful pattern and wow that quilt is amazing and what a wonderful idea to pop the z on the border,lovely post Michelle,Namaste my friend xxxx

  2. Always a good day if you are stitching - handy you had a spare project!! Love the alphabet quilt - its such a shame that English has 26 letters...25 would be so much easier!

  3. I want to come join your sewing group! It looks like a lovely gathering.

  4. Love a good stitching day with friends. Never a lot of stitching but lots of fun and laughter.

  5. Netta's quilt was lovely, it must b super nice to see your designs stitched up from all over!

  6. always lovely to have tea and eats with everything looking so pretty. I could have sent you pics of Brenton to help as I have the pattern in that book of mine! How lovely is that alphabet quilt and so clever with the Z in the corner...

  7. It must be a great feeling to see your work being completed

  8. Such a lovely day. I really like your hexies. How wonderful to see your design made into a quilt in NZ.

  9. Hexies galore! Lovely to see your alphabet has made it across the Tasman, how good is that?

  10. Those hexies do follow you around. You must feel so happy and proud to see your designs so beautifully made. Lovely to see people sharing their work.

  11. Sounds like a lovely day with your stitch friends.
    How nice to see your designs stitched across the ditch. Very pretty Alphabet Quilt.

  12. Love the little yellow flowers and beautiful work Netta... I think I'm still on F... Robyn

  13. It is so nice to be able to stitch with friends! The hexies are looking great and that quilt you designed is amazing!

  14. Always nice to spend a day with friends, especially ones with such yummy food on offer. Melting moments...Mmmm

  15. Lots of good times with friends - looks like a great day.
    How lovely is it to see quilts made with your designs!!

  16. Looks like a delightful time with your stitching friends - a nice morning tea always goes down well! Nice to see you sharing Netta's quilt top - she was really happy with it, and oh yes, we love your designs ♥ Love your teeny tiny hexagons :-)


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