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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Searching But Not Finding!

I am still working on the centre of my Splendid Sampler and I am getting the leaves on.

Yesterday I decided that as I was very close to getting this top done it was probably a good idea to get the inner border and binding fabric. I have sewn all the blocks together in rows and they are all ready to be sewn to the centre when done. My Splendid Sampler was made up of all my French General fabric scraps and stash highlighted by that lovely particular French General blue. This is what I had in my mind to finish off.....yes well....none to be had anywhere. So I  settled for a plain and a Laundry Basket was soooo hard to match. Finally bought both home.
I am going with the one on the left as it actually looks quite good with all the blocks laid out and the other I will use for Brinton Hall which I also needed a plain blue for. 
After all the frustration of having your heart set on one thing and settling for something else it was time for sustenance. Mr R. and I really like a cosy little cafe at Cleveland and visit it often.

Beautiful coffee....
and after delicious crumbed Whiting and salad of course Caramel cheescake went down a treat.....almost worth the frustration! Almost lol!
I have several friends who don't do Facebook and have been asking me to pop a special page on my blog for my art, so they don't have to go trawling through all my folks you got your wish. Its up under my header with all my pattern groupings.

Must fly we have youngster wrangling this evening.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. It is so frustrating when you know exactly what you want and can't find it! But the blues that you have look lovely anyway, I am sure your SS will be splendid. xx

  2. Sometimes a compromise fabric turns out to be just the very thing!

  3. Lucky your favourite cafe was nearby to ease the frustration!!! The blues look lovelt and how good they can be used in two projects. Your SS centre looks beautiful.

  4. How frustrating but the blues you found are very lovely. Love your SS centre. Hugs,xx

  5. I love how you are going with your Splendid centre.... pity about not finding the fabric you wanted but I do like that blue you have chosen...

  6. It is frustrating when you can see just the right thing in your head but not on the shelves. But you have come up with some great choices!

  7. Gee, you have done so well completing all those SS blocks and already having sewn some rows. It is so annoying when you can't find suitable fabric and we always seem to buy some extra LOL. I am sure your SS quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful. Great idea having a separate page for your artworks. Such a multitalented gal you are! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend.

  8. Oh I wonder if we had the French General blue at the shop where I work. Never mind, what you have chosen is great and you've done very well using your stash. Great idea to showcase your art so we can all enjoy

  9. Lovely SS blocks...Sew annoying when you can't buy what you really want but the Blues look good.
    Bet you enjoyed your youngster wrangling ....

  10. Hi my lovely friend,oh wow this quilt is going to be stunning Michelle,what a shame you couldnt find your french general blue,but i do like what you bought,have fun with your grandies,Namaste Micheel.xxxx

  11. I think that part of this quilting process is the trouble shooting. Well done on finding a a very nice replacement fabric. Loving the new art page.

  12. it is so frustrating isn't it??- but you have an excellent second best.


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