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Friday, March 24, 2017

Pencils and Pretties

Do you feel like I do....that some good friends are just like.....
Well two of my "friends family" are celebrating birthdays very soon....Jan and
ROBYN FROM PIDGEON PATCH who is having a "big girl" birthday, so what better reason do you need to go for high tea and to be together. We chose Devon Pixies our local Tea House.

Pretty teacups.....
Pretty table and lovely setting....

and of course lovely friends....the food was delicious but it went down the rabbit hole before I got a photo lol!


Diane and birthday girl Jan
Theresa listening intently. 

Of course you always get those that can't behave lol!
Sarah, Robyn and Monica

On our way out the door we espied this beautiful, old and very unusual sewing machine. Apparently it is a Janome....says so right on the machine. It's called Jasmine and is so pretty! I have never seen one like it have you?

Great fun. Enjoyed it all.......thanks girls!
And Happy Birthday!
Ok! That was the pretty and now the pencils.
Yesterday I went to an art workshop held by my art teacher Sandra Temple. I am amazed at just what I didn't know about making art until I began classes 3 years ago.
So the opportunity to focus on one aspect in depth is so very helpful.
It was a really interesting day and I hope some of the "learning" went in....anyway I was able to successfully compose another project which I am really pleased with.
It is now in the preliminary drawing stage and hopefully will become a fully fledged piece. I came home with a very full, tired but happy brain.
Well folks that's been my busy two days..... I have been stitching. Working away at my Baltimore Quilt borders but nothing exciting to show you.
Enjoy your weekend and my thoughts are with my North Queensland friends.....stay safe folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. oh.... I put on my best behaviour... lol.... it was a very nice way to spend the morning...

  2. It was a great morning. Everything was perfect. Can't wait to see your drawing coming alive. Have a great weekend. Xx

  3. What a pretty place to have a celebration - love the machine too...I am glad MOST of your friends behaved...

  4. What a lovely place to have a party! Looking forward to seeing your drawing too.

  5. You are so blessed to have so many beautiful friends. Great pics. Some more lovely artwork coming up. Looking forward to seeing it finished in the near future.

  6. No better excuse for a high tea than a special birthday.

  7. Good morning my lovely friend,lovely pics and yes its awesome to have friends that are so special.
    So glad you had a fun learning class,hope you have a wonderful Sunday Michelle.xxxx

  8. A lovely post Michelle - filled with friends & laughter & lovely things. Have a wonderful weekend xxx p.s Love that pink machine!!

  9. what a busy crazy and fun week.....

  10. Wonderful time out for you all...hard to get that Robyn girl to behave huh!!! Looks like a beautiful venue. It is very special to have friends like that. Looking forward to seeing your next work of art.

  11. High Tea - my favourite kind of get-together! Obviously I was born a real lady in a former life!

  12. You are very good at getting together with friends for special days. Fun.
    Great to have special classes too. There always seems so much to learn.

  13. What a beautiful tea house. Perfect for for a special occasion and Jasmine is gorgeous!

  14. Great times with good friends. And that pink sewing

  15. The High Tea sounds like it was a fabulous outing - what a fun group you have! I'm looking forward to seeing your next piece of art :-)

  16. Happy Birthday to the two birthday girls, and Hi to all. Looks like a great party. That Jasmine machine is gorgeous, and no I have never seen one like that either.


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