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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bits and Pieces

Yesterday was a special day as our DD had one of "those" birthdays....boy time has flown by....
Celebration with her Year 3's......seems like yesterday she was this big!

Now....all grown up!
So Happy birthday Daughter Dear.

We are celebrating next weekend! Girls only...NO BOYS ALLOWED!
Splendid Sampler blocks are slowly getting sewn together and I am working on some applique for it.
The lenghths a girl will go to, to avoid sashing and finishing foundation pieced blocks lol! But I will have a finished quilt top instead of a box of blocks.
Art has been a finish......The magnificent Osprey that I worked in Scratchboard from a wonderful photo that Kev Webb, bird photographer extraordinaire gave me permission to draw.
It just needed a bit of tweaking and I am still learning the colouring process.
There has also been progress on Mother and Baby no.2
And of course there has to be a new project start. This is evolving as I go....there is a Willy Wagtail involved but I really wanted to get his chariot drawn correctly first.
Messy huh? Lol! I was hanging over the fence at the Hebel Hotel to photograph this old tilly.....I just loved it. I have been looking forward to drawing a piece with it featured.
It's nice and cool here this morning and I am enjoying my coffee and listening to the pair of Currawongs who visit my Jacaranda tree and birdbath calling to each other. It is a lovely sound in suburbia. 
Have a wonderful day. 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Good morning my lovely friend .happy birthday to your lovely Melissa,yes the years are flying by,hope you all have an awesome girls weekend away.
    Lovely drawings Michelle i am enjoying watching there progress,wish i was catching up with you today also ,will miss you this weekend xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday to your DD! Enjoy your girls' weekend when you get the chance!

  3. Lovely pictures of the birthday girl and I hope the weekend celebrations are heaps of fun.... sorry for calling your osprey and eagle!! It's beautiful - really beautiful.

  4. It seems you never slow down! love your art work and best wishes to your daughter. Enjoy the 'girl's' weekend :)

  5. Happy birthday to your DD. She is a beautiful young woman. Hope you both have a great time on your girls weekend. The osprey is just beautiful Michelle as is Koala and baby. Looking forward to the willy wagtail.

  6. Birthday wishes to your lovely daughter, Michelle! Have fun on your special girly weekend. Your art is beautiful, that osprey is just magnificent.

  7. Birthday wishes to your daughter. Very exciting. Enjoy your celebrations.
    Your artwork is wonderful. I really enjoy seeing each piece.

  8. Forty! No way ... Happy Birthday dear Melissa, looking lovely. Your Osprey looks amazing Michelle - whatever you are doing, keep doing it! :)

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter - I hope you have a great celebratory weekend. xx

  10. Happy Birthday to your daughter, love your paintings. Guida

  11. Belated birthday wishes to the birthday girl and congratulations to you all for the fund raising and support of the previous post.

  12. How gorgeous is your DD! Love the cupcakes. Your drawings are so lovely. I look forward to seeing the car finished. Jo Morton has a block of the week which has just started. I may try to keep up with that one.

  13. Happy Birthday 🎉 to your gorgeous daughter.. have a wonderful girls weekend...

  14. How lovely for you and Melissa to share her birthday together....very special. Wow putting SS together impressive. Your drawings are so beautiful. The cooler weather is very welcome. Off to Tamborine for weekend retreat. Enjoy your weekend. Catch up soon.x


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