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Monday, May 2, 2016

Show & Tell

Today I am sharing some show and tell from my last weeks stitching evening with my friends I thought I was crazy but Theresa is sewing these teeny 3 1/2 inch that's crazy!
.Can you see the 20c piece.....amazing!
They are a border around this quilt. I have unfortunately forgotten the name.....sorry!
The colourway is just, beige and reds. Such gorgeous perfectly formed little blocks.
Theresa and Diane are working on this quilt also. I sooo love it but I am ignoring it!
Some of Diane's blocks...
and Theresa's...
both so different and both so lovely. I think it is one of the things I love most about quilting. You can make it your very own simply by your colour choices. Thanks for sharing girls x
After lots of garden work I have been taking it a bit easy today. I finally settled on the medallion fabrics for Brinton Hall. This using one's stash can be a bit challenging at times but I am pleased with my final choices.....well I think I am....depends what else I uncover in the cupboard!
I have also finished another recommended read....
Can't say I loved it....but an interesting read.....anyone else read it? What did you think?
Ok folks,warning! Nana indulgence! Look away now if you need to! My dear Daughter loves taking photos particularly of children and her own plus her niece and nephew are often subjects. My Granddaughter and her niece celebrated her recent birthday with her cousin and her friends in a Peppa Pig Princess party lol! I love these photos she snapped of the birthday girl and my other Granddaughter enjoying the pretty patty cake.
The Princess of the day..
Peppa Pig patty cakes..
Big job blowing out that big candle.
Nearly there!
and then the best bit...
Cousin thought so too...
Loved these photos.
"Spread a little sparkle wherever you go"
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xx


  1. Hello my lovely friend ,what gorgeous show and tell.
    oh my your grand daughters are growing up so fast and what sweeties they are,wow your daughters makes the loviest cup cakes,hope you have a lovely day Michelle xx

  2. Just beautiful Michelle ... both the show-n-tell AND the grandies photos. Enjoyed them all so much Thank You

  3. Your grand daughter is such a cutie, birthdays at that age are always extra special.

  4. Birthdays are such a big deal at that age! Such lovely show and tell......I love those teeny tiny little blocks. Pretty sure I have read that book and enjoyed it, but then I like quirky books.

  5. I can't believe how many tiny pieces are in those blocks! Such patience. What cuties those kids are. :-)

  6. Those quilt blocks are so pretty, way too small for me, my eyes would not cope, your friends are very talented. I love the birthday girls photos, what little angels, they grow so quick. I wish I had my time again with my 14yo daughter, I would play more and stress less. Oh well a lesson for another generation. Thanks for sharing, Guida.

  7. Lovely show and tell. The princess sure looks cute!

  8. Beautiful work Michelle - thank you for sharing. The tiny blocks are gorgeous. I like your fabric selection and what a great praty photo shoot. xx

  9. Gee, your friends are very talented, as are you. I find small blocks fairly easy if I hand piece them but quite difficult to sew on the machine. Love your grandies.Hmm, I don't think I shall read that book if you think it is a bit ho hum. So many others to read lol. Having said that, I want to get to my fav bookshop soon to buy a couple of new releases by my fav authors. There's no helping some people! Hehehe.

  10. 3 1/2 inch blocks!?!? I don't think I would enjoy making those. Awesome to admire though.

  11. Adore those family photos and your friends are as talented as you.

  12. I though six and a half blocks were bad enough. Lovely blocks by your friends. Great birthday party by the looks of it. Hugs....

  13. Dear Michelle,
    you are trying to ignore the same project as myself. It is the 365 Challenge, a wonderful quilt. If you need the link to ignore it, just let me know.

  14. Loved the Peppa Pig Princess party. How much fun and happiness shared

  15. 3 1/2" wow that is crazy but they do look pretty....
    Beautiful photos of your the candle blowing pics..

  16. Love the show & tell. Lovely photo's of the Grandies. Hugs,xx

  17. What incredible tiny blocks, they are amazing!
    Love the other quilt the girls are doing too, you are very good not taking that one up. It looks stunning
    Gorgeous pics of the grandies!

  18. Thanks for showing Diane's & Theresa's blocks seeing I missed Wednesday night. They are lovely. Loved the birthday photos. Aren't Grandies the best. Xx

  19. Ah, Michelle every Nana should have a sharing moment of their treasures, a blessing to we grandparents.

  20. What very clever friends you have Michelle, those blocks are amazing!! The birthday photos are beautiful thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks for sharing the show and tell.
    And the birthday pics are delightful!

  22. great blog.your grand daughter is very cute and all the pics are beautiful.

  23. So glad the class went well and love all the show and tell. See I am not the only mad quilter out there! In Brussels with DS2 so good to see him.

  24. your little grandiegirls are just darling.... lovely pictures.... the quilts are looking great - as you say they are so different just by a change of colour...
    See you on the morrow!

  25. your grandies are so gorgeous Michelle, the pics are just adorable, no wonder you're so smitten with them!
    those tiny blocks are mind-boggling


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