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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Being without internet or phone for several days has been extremely frustrating to say the least!  So apologies for no post reading, email or comment responses. Splendid Sampler blocks are now behind as they couldn't be accessed.
However, there is a little gem within each frustration they say....mine happened to be that a bit of other stitching got done.
Miss Beatrix Bear is now finished and she almost has a new friend, Miss Viola Bear completed.
 Some binding has been also stitched down. ..
Look at that beautiful quilting.....makes me very happy looking at it while I sew. Fiona from BubzRugz is such a clever cookie.
In the midst of all this frustration a beautiful "just because I was thinking of you" parcel arrived from my lovely friend Sue from Kiwikid. Sue knows how much L'ucellos in Melbourne is on my bucket list. So on a recent visit she got them to pop a gorgeous piece of French General in one of their iconic packages just for me.
 How spoilt am I! I was so thrilled.....quite made my day.
To know that someone thought of you and acted upon it whether by kind word or gesture is one of lifes blessings. Thank you Sue for your beautiful kind heart x
On the subject of life's blessings...
Monday was our youngest Granddaughters 3rd birthday. We celebrated on Sunday with morning tea. There was much dressing up. Miss E. sees no reason (and nor do I) why girls can't be Super heroes. Batgirl and Batman are her favs....poor old Princesses and faeries don't rate lol! So much excitement over blowing out the candles on her Batgirl cake.
Oh and the all important taste test.
Nothing like sharing it all with your cousin...especially a bit of face painting.
I just love these two rascals. They both had rough starts in this life particularly the birthday girl so this photo feels me with unashamed joy! They are definitely forces to be reckoned with lol!
Remember to lift up and encourage the women (even the tiny ones) in your life.
Found this on FB and just loved it.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such adorable bears :) Definitely worth internet frustration, plus I'm sure had you known then, you would have been most happy delaying those next PP Splendid block challenges :) Best of luck with those blocks :) Such a sweet birthday girl :) Fairies never got a look in when I was a girl either, it was Wonder Woman all the way, lol

  2. What lovely bears and your granddaughters are just so very sweet, go Batgirl! They are such special little treasures. Thanks for sharing, Guida.

  3. Oh no internet etc...dreadful
    Love the bears.
    Quilting is lovely.
    Oh aren't Grandkids just the best

    Hope to catch up tonight at mine. Xx

  4. More cute bears! You sure can have girl super heroes! That was sweet of Sue to think of you.

  5. Hello my lovely friend Sue is such a sweetheart and she is always thinking of her friends such a lovely thoughtful gift for a pretty special lady.
    Oh your bears are so cute ,love them and Fiona's quilting is awesome. She is a clever cookie.
    Oh your GDs have grown up so fast what sweeties they are ,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  6. Makes you realise how much we rely on the internet when we don't have it doesn't it!! The bears are beautiful and I am glad you like the fabric!! Beautiful photos of your grand daughters. Go Batgirl!!

  7. They are such a pair of cuties! And Sue is a sweetie for thinking of you.

  8. Hi Michelle, I know it is SOOO frustrating when we dont have internet like we have become accustomed to. Your Bears are just divine, I love them so much. Happy Birthday to your dear grandaughter ... she makes an awesome superhero.

  9. such simple acts can bring such great joy........

  10. Lovely photos of the birthday girl. Sue is such a lovely kind person - what a lovely surprise. Am loving those gorgeous stitched bears

  11. Love your little bat girl, and her pink bat cake is a masterpiece. Happy Birthday to the little sweetie. No internet brings life to a halt, doesn't it - we find it throws us right out too. But you have some lovely stitching to show for it :) xx

  12. So cute!
    Miss E has the most amazing eyes.
    Very pretty new bears too

  13. Oh dear......I have no women in my life, little or otherwise! Two daughters-in-law are my lot. We miss the internet but there is an upside when it's down, isn't there?

  14. Beautiful bears were stitched while the Internet was down.
    The birthday girl and her cousin but fantastic Super Stars...

  15. Gorgeous bears. The cousins are such cuties. Hugs,xx

  16. dont we feel so lost when the internet is down. we were lucky it was just one day. love the stitching and thanks for letting me play with your yummy work... your little girls are just delightful...

  17. Lovely post refreshing to see girls dressing up HOWEVER!!! Seems like it was a very Happy Birthday. Your wee bears are delightful :-) Glad your compuer woes are over but it is nice to have some screen free time isn't it?!

  18. The bears are looking lovely and your gift was very thoughtful from your friend.
    It is lovely to see your granddaughter growing up with such a great attitude!

  19. Know just how you feel Michelle - last week my computer went away for a few days to be updated and then just as I got it back the internet went and has been going on and off all week. What a lovely gift from Sue. xx

  20. Sue is so lovely. With what she is going through it is a special touch..... Your quilting is lovely

  21. Without internet and phone, oh my dear
    I understand you

    Is this lovely, the bear blogs i like it
    And the girls so lively

    Kind regards and a got new week Marika


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