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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bits and Pieces for FNSI

Last night I settled in for a bit of stitching with other bloggy friends over at Wendys from Sugarlane Quilts. Nice to know you are stitching along with others from all over.
My efforts were bitsy. I sewed the binding down on this little cot blankie panel for my new great nephew...who won't need it if I don’t hurry.
 I also whizzed up a couple of burp towels to go with it. So finally his giftie is ready for wrapping....just loved those little leggings and pullover too.
I then wanted to make sure the next Blessings block was under way so some prep work done for the next circle.
I finally finished off with my little furry girl Beatrix. Her little face was starting to come to life in the hoop the night before.
I stayed up quite late stitching (sleeping isn't my friend these days ) and got a good bit done. I think she is very sweet.
Well we all think our children are the make believe ones are too lol!
Thank you  Wendy for having us at your place again. Also Happy birthday month xx
I am off to the shops as yesterday I managed to loose a bag with lovely cards, gift wrap papers, ribbons and other doings for a little party....quite a haul for someone! Don't even know where I  lost them. I tell you this aging caper is not for the faint hearted!
Enjoy your day,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such a cute quilt panel! A very sweet bundle for your GN :) Oh I do like Beatrix, she is such a darling bear :) Such a shame losing your bag of goodies, hopefully you easily find replacements, and just maybe there will be some extra something show up today as a bonus for you :)

  2. Hi Michelle, just catching up on your posts ... your stitching gifts are beautiful as always. I adore little Beatrix - look at that sweet little face !!!

  3. What lovely presents you have there, I'm sure they will be loved. I adore your little girl, so very elegant and pretty. Guida

  4. Looking lovely as usual. I have one of your calendar bear designs in my quilt pile, one of my lovely customers has made a fabulous job of the stitcheries.

  5. Wow got a bit done last night.
    Just love Beatrix xx
    Agree this ages thing is the pits..💋

  6. Lots of great sewing. Happy birthday to Mr R for thursday( that is my brother's birthday too and I spent it with him in UK)

  7. Love Beatrix. Just gorgeous. Hugs, xx

  8. Hi my lovely friend,you had a good productive night,your little bear is cute and what a buggar losing your parcel,I lose things at home and spend half the day looking for them ,lol xx

  9. A cute gift for the latest little bub......I love the quilt. Your little Beatrix Bear is very sweet!

  10. Looks like you had a good night Michele ... Love it all xxxx

  11. Lovely things happening at your place.

  12. Hello Michelle,

    What a great selection of gifts for the little one. Is Beatrix named after Beatrix Potter?

    Happy days.

  13. Such lovely Stitching, sad about your bag :(

  14. Lovely gifts for your great nephew. And great work on the Blessings prep and the gorgeous bear. Hope you found your lost goodies.

  15. Wow Michelle,
    lots of progress with your sewing projects Friday night.
    Love the gifts for the newborn. How neat.

  16. Gorgeous gifts for the new nephew...

    good to get some of your prep work done for Blessings and Beatrix is very sweet.
    Oh no what a pain losing your bag of shopping. Maybe some handed it in ??

  17. Wow you were kept very busy lots of progress and beautiful projects.

  18. You were a machine Michelle...xox

  19. Lovely little baby quilt and gifts. Love have Beatrix is coming along. If any consolation I don't sleep well either these days. Hope your cards etc turned up Michelle

  20. oh how annoying abou the lost bag - & i bet you choose it all with great care & love. Lovely baby quilt Michelle x

  21. Some lovely things for your great nephew. Loving your EPP and your teddy is so sweet. I have my teacup teddies proudly displayed on my dining table at the moment. Hmm, insomnia is my constant companion that I can do without. I can't get much done because I can't focus. I think I had 14 hours sleep over 3 nights and that is actually a lot for me. I hope you get past it soon.


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