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Friday, May 6, 2016

A Drive in the Country ...

Yesterday I drove out to a little country town, Gatton  about 1 1/2 hours from home to meet Fiona from BubzRugz. You see it's about halfway for us both.
Another friend Robyn just happened to be close by she joined us too! It was lovely!
We met at the Lockyer Valley Cultural centre.
We had a very nice coffee and lunch at the Staging Post Cafe.
It overlooked a large lake with lots of birdlife.
We visted their Art Gallery and interesting cultural installations.....Fiona checking out the Lockyer Legends.
As usual time just flew by all too quickly.....time with good friends always does. Could have been all that intense conversation lol!
Fiona handed over to me a special parcel. Part of the catch up reason but she and I never need an excuse to spend time together lol! It features her extraordinary talent....can only show you a teeny tease......I am all set with my binding now though!
Oh it is gorgeous!  I  am thrilled out off my little sandals! Sorry but you will have to wait a wee while for a full reveal..... I know such a meanie!
We thought perhaps next time we visit here we might take a picnic, easy chairs and a spot of stitching down by the lake ....not to mention my camera for the beautiful birdlife.
Definitely a "diamond" day! Thank you girls!
I must away...the larder must be filled! Then it's home to work on Splendid Sampler blocks and Blessings. Number 5 Blessings block is now under the needle.
See I am trying to be good before I launch into the new projects.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What a perfect day, Michelle!

  2. Well the people you find. It sounded so great ...may I join you next time?
    Glad you're working away...
    Don't see any paper piecing...hehe.😄 💜

  3. Hi gorgeous girls,so glad you had a lovely day in such a beautiful place,cant wait to see your reveal,lol,yes you are a meanie,lol.
    enjoy your evening my lovely friend xx

  4. Lovely day - sky looks gorgeous..and of course the quilting is too

  5. sounds like a perfect day and it does sound like a lovely spot for a picnic

  6. That was a wonderful day, nothing better than good times with friends. Hope you get to have the picnic.

  7. Glad you had an excellent day, you are such a tease, cant wait to see the surprise. Thanks for sharing, have a great Mothers Day on Sunday. Guida.

  8. It's always good to catch up with bloggers and quilters. So much fun

  9. What a lovely day......always good to catch up with friends!

  10. You sure had a good day. Always good to catch up with friends... and eat and chat as well!

  11. It was lovely and thanks for your kind words... may be a bigger party next time - why not??? we all love parties! Lovely sewing. I found a magazine/book with the Blessings quilt yesterday so I got it - just so I can check on you!!! haha

  12. Any excuse will do for a great catch up with friends.

  13. lovely times with friends Michelle... looks like Fiona has been working some magic for you there ;)

  14. What a beautiful spot and perfect for a picnic. More of Fiona's gorgeous quilting - can't wait for the full reveal! xx

  15. Looks like a fabulous day. If i drove i'd have loved to have joined you. Hugs,xx


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