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Friday, April 29, 2016

Quirky Quilts Qld Class

Yesterday I taught my first class at my LQS Quirky Quilts here in Springwood.  It was a stitchery class for the stitchery on my Sweet Cupcake tote bag design.
I had a lovely group of ladies and I enjoyed their company.....
They all went away happy so that was very nice and hopefully I imparted some knowledge as well. Thank you ladies and QuirkyQuilts.
Sewing wise I am still working on Vicki Tucek's embroidery block for Splendid Sampler. It is such a pretty block and I am enjoying not rushing it.
I have also managed to decide on my Dutch Treat top fabric....
I am using my French General reds and some of their friends for the underneath fabric. Love red and cream quilts!
Hopefully it will work even though I am using a variety of different fabrics.
Sorry the photos are not better...bit of a yuk day here.
I have some lovely show and tell blocks from the Wednesday night girls but I will save them for next think I'm crazy! Lol! Wait until you see these blocks.
Ok! I am off out the door....enjoy your weekend.
If it doesn't nourish your soul ... let it go!

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Glad your class went well. Looks like everyone is having fun. Love the fabrics for Dutch Treat. Hugs, xd

  2. Your bag is lovely. I'm sure the ladies enjoyed your class.

  3. well done with your class - I'm sure they all had a great time and learnt some new things as well as getting to start on a lovely bag.... I hope the different fabrics works too since I am doing the same!!! haha... I'm really looking forward to DT now...

  4. The more fabrics, the better! What a pretty bag, it's very sweet.

  5. That project looks great Michelle, glad you and the ladies had a good time. I love that background color and with the red, your block will look awesome. Have a great long weekend, Guida.

  6. Congratulations on a great start with Quirky Quilts. I'm sure the ladies enjoyed it very much; your cupcake design is so pretty. Imagine taking that bag to High Tea!! xx

  7. Dear Michelle,
    bet you had a great class, your bag is wonderful, lovely design.

  8. Hi Michelle I knew your class would be awesome,look at that gorgeous design ,wish I was up your way to do the class your quilt fabrics are beautiful,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  9. Lucky ladies attending your stitchery class. I'm sure they love it.
    Your red FG fabrics will look great for Dutch Treat. I saw one up close at AQC Melbourne. Amazing!

  10. So glad your class went well Michelle. I love Vicki's block - I must draw it up and then at least I will have started on it! Think your cream and red scheme is going to be gorgeous. xx

  11. I'm glad for you that class went well - the first one is always the hardest. The cram & French Generals will be gorgeous.

  12. Glad to hear your class went well :-) Ohhh a red and cream quilt - beautiful!

  13. Well done on more than surviving your first class! You must be so proud of yourself :) Love the fabrics you've put together for Dutch Treat

  14. I am so pleased the class went well. Although I would not have expected otherwise.
    The collection of fabrics for your next project is lovely.


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