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Friday, April 1, 2016

No April Fool

Recently a little snippet of family history was imparted to me and I decided I wanted to write it down for posterity. ...not terribly exciting but I hope you will indulge me.
The little snippet....
Well it turns out my Grandparents were married on April 1st. It was an Easter Monday at the Woodford Methodist Church near Caboolture Queensland. It had to be on the Monday as my Grandad being the local Minister had services all over Easter.
My Nan actually told my Grandad she would not marry him until 12.30pm as she was
" No April Fool" lol! Obviously she wasn't as they had a long and happy life together and she missed him everyday after he died until she joined him.
I only have this one old photo of them on their wedding serious!
The pearls are hers and the boot is a ceramic piece my Grandfather bought from his home in Lancashire in the UK when he came to Australia as a very young man. His first posting as a minister was outback Queensland in December. ....can you imagine! I treasure these little pieces.
They lived all over Queensland from Mareeba to Coolangatta. Whenever they had company for tea, and being in the church they had a lot..... they always took theirs in their own special cups...
I discovered long after they were gifted to me by my Grandmother that hers is a beautiful Colclough set and Grandads is by Clarice Cliff.
The  cloth I have arranged these little vignette upon was worked and crocheted by my Grandmother.
She was a beautiful needlewoman and this is the source from which my love of needle and thread sprang from. Also sharing a cuppa with friends whilst you stitched or crocheted.
I miss her still everday. Her wise counsel, her tinkling laugh, naughty sense of humour and kind heart. Her most precious gift she gave us was that you were under no illusions that you were truly loved within an inch of your life. You had no say in the matter lol!
So Happy Anniversary Nana and Pop. I know you are together.
I do hope you have a lovely day folks
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What a beautiful story, Michelle. And it is lovely to see the wonderful treasures you have as well. Every item has its own story.

  2. Thanks for sharing a wonderful family story.xox

  3. Such a beautiful post Michelle. Loved it.

  4. A beautiful post Michelle. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, xx

  5. Hi my lovely friend,i enjoyed your little story and i think there is a lot of your Grandmother in you Michelle,especially the wise part,lol,Namaste my friend xx

  6. Oh thank-you for sharing such precious memories of your Grandparents. How lovely..xx
    Have a great day xx

  7. How wonderful to have such mementos of your grandparents and what a lovely story. I miss my grandparents as well, especially my grandfather, he was the best of men. Thank you for sharing, Guida.

  8. What beautiful memories of your grandparents, Thankyou for sharing them

  9. It is so nice that you know something of their history and have keepsakes to remember by. Beautiful story, thank you for sharing.

  10. Thank you Michelle for sharing this special story about your Grandparents.

  11. what a lovely romantic and nostalgic post...

  12. Beautiful memories and treasures ... lovely reading xx


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