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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Few of My Favourite Things

Being busy with secret stitching I don't have anything that I am  allowed to show you so I decided that.......
"happy & gratitude" was going to be my post today.
I love my home! I'm most myself and comfortable's old and well worn but well loved can tell it's had a life and a family and still does.
Do you have favourite things beside your treasured loved ones of course that just make you happy and thankful? That say "home" to you. I thought I would share a couple of mine....
My very favourite coffee cup...ahh! Coffee in this cup is always just right!
My little nature corner of things collected and treasured. Seeing my Grandies intrigued by what's here makes me so happy....lots of talk ensues!
My overstuffed and very crowded book shelves full of much turned pages and many journeys to other places.
A favourite quilt made by dear friends to snuggle under....with above books.
Beautiful stitched words from a friend.
A furry friend and work completed. .
A favourite collection gathered and gifted over many years...
A pencil or three......
Feathered visitors. ..
All these things I am very thankful for and make me happy...they make my old house a home.....a retreat from the sometimes craziness of the world outside my door.
Here I am  always
So what are your favs and comforts? Are you are homebody too? What makes you happy about your home? Is it a favourite chair, cup, outlook, quilt, hobby, garden ?
For me Home is the happiest place to be!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi my gorgeous friend,what a lovely post ,your home is beautiful and a lovely reflection of you Michelle,think i could just cosy up with you on the couch and feel right at home.
    My pieceful spots are my sewing room and my bedroom and also on my front veranda,watching the birds and kangaroos and the little lizards darting around,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. And you made me feel right at home there too Michelle. Thanks for sharing xox

  3. How delightful to see what makes you happy. I do love my comfy chair and my books, but also my little table next to the chair where keep whatever I am working on at the moment.

  4. What a beautiful blog today. I love my home. It's the longest I've lived in one place. It makes me grateful for all my memories and treasures. Thank you.💜

  5. A lovely tour of your home today. Yes, I am a homebody mainly due to health issues but also because I have everything I need..that's why our house is called Abundance. You bookshelf looks just like mine! Books behind books, on top of other books and wedged into little crannies wherever possible lol. A collection of gifted stitched items are on display as well as my own. Pity dust gathers all too quickly which takes time away from stitching lol. Thanks for your beautiful post.

  6. It always makes me happy to read your blog, so uplifting and warm. Your home looks filled with lots of wonderful things.

  7. The words of the song are buzzing in my head. Love the look of the bookcase.... I do love reading too and am happiest curled up with a good book.I am sure your home is just busting with love and that is what counts. Have a good night.

  8. Your home looks like mine, well loved and cozy, thank you for sharing. Nothing like feeling comfortable surrounded by things you treasure and love and for me one or two furry friends, (we have 8 cats!)and some crafting of one sort or another xcx

  9. Such beautiful treasures Michelle. I certainly feel very comfortable in my home also with special treasures around me

  10. Thank you for sharing these precious things Michelle... looks like you have wide-ranging tastes in books... Mandela, nearby Valentino Rossi?! Love that!

  11. Beautiful treasure for sure. Hugs,xx

  12. Thank you for showing us around your bookcase...I want to reach right in there and check them all out!

  13. love the pics in your home and hearing about your favourite things... Yes I love home too - and I like to fill it with special things too...


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