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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mixed Bag

That sums up my days in recent times.....a bit of this and a bit of that. After yesterday's effort at the sewing machine and what I hope to achieve today my secret commission project will be almost what do I hope to achieve today?
These teeny little Dresden Plates!
Wish me luck. I could be back at the drawing board if they don't work! Lol!
When I  am  working hard on something I often need to rest my grey matter and nothing does that better for me than slipping between the covers of a good book.
I have just read this treasure on recommendation from a very nice friend. Thank you Lorel x
If you like a good Aussie yarn, you will love this one.  In our outback and country travels Mr R. and I often had conversations about the hardships of our bush pioneers! How they carved out a life for themselves....incredible!
Their tenacity, ingenuity and courage are qualities we still see in our Aussies on the land today......I admire them so much!
So after drought and flooding rains I happily went back to my safe stitching lol!
 Now one of you lovely people  had commented that I hadn't posted the results of my recent workshop. So I decided to finish my effort....not that it is great.....and show you. I enjoyed the workshop so much but I think it is going to take me quite a while to get my head around the fluidity and lack of "control" of using watercolour pencils.
Subject and my effort...
I really did love the subject and in light of my above comments, shows the "make do" attitude of country folks in the past.
Even though I have  somewhat of a personality flaw which worries me and tells me I must know what I am doing before I go to a class, I am slowly learning that "having a go" is much more rewarding than regretting not even trying.
Coffee is waiting along with my little Dresdens....
I love this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert.
Embrace away folks,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle, hope your teeny dresden plates worked out okay. I too, love a good book to rest my mind & take my thoughts elsewhere sometimes. I love that quote also ... I meant to tell you, I read on your blog ages ago that you recommended Elizabeth Gilberts book Big Magic. I got it from the library & absolutely loved it - thank you :-)

  2. Your painting is beautiful Michelle, good luck with your dresdens.

  3. I hope the Dresden's are behaving. Once again fabulous art works. The book sounds great. I have been reading Deborah Challinor's Convict girls series which is set in Sydney mid 1800.

  4. Love your is so evocative of those little country homesteads!

  5. Love your painting Michelle, good luck with your Dresdens, not that you need it :))))

  6. Hi my lovely friend,oh i love your painting,you truly are very clever my friend,good luck with your dresdens and i hope your day was a good one my friend xx

  7. Some yummy fabrics fir your dresdens. Loooove your paintings. So clever.

  8. Love the fabric...sure your dresdens will be gorgeous as always.
    Just love your water colour...

  9. Your painting looks great. I'm not sure I could sew those little pieces, my eyesight has never been that good, please take a photo of the finished product, I would love to see it. Thank you, Guida.

  10. What an excellent quote Michelle. I'll go along with that one. And I love your picture, a perfect little Aussie gem. xx

  11. Dear Michelle,
    you can do the Dresden fans, you can. Lovely drawing and what a true quote.
    Thank you.

  12. You never know what unexpected surprises happen when you try new things. Looking forward to seeing those cute little dresdens.

  13. a fun post - I'm sure those Dresdens are coming along beautifully

  14. I think your artwork is lovely - maybe you are also a little to self critical . . .we are our own worst critics.

  15. Thanks for showing your watercolour Michelle - I think it looks great, especially as it is not your usual subject matter. I just bought some EPP papers and received as a free gift a set of Dresden papers based on a 3/4" hexie which I want to try out. Good luck with yours. xx

  16. WOW your watercolour is amazing Michelle, so are so artistic...

  17. Your mixed bag is great. Lovely fabrics for the dresdens, a suggestion for a good read and some wonderful art work. A perfect post!


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