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Thursday, April 7, 2016

A near empty pantry required a little shopping to replenish supplies this morning.
These pretty blooms caught my attention and I decided to treat myself.
It feels good to treat yourself occasionally. ...they look so pretty! I thought they might also be good to draw.
I have been stitching lots and lots of leaves....I am  dreaming about them!
So I  decided to take the advice of a like minded friend namely Kris from Tag-along-teddies and get stuck into book 2 of my Nora Roberts trilogy...Dark Witch! Kris and I  love a bit of woo woo...other worldy stuff.. love this Celtic flavoured tale!
These books are so lovely to hold in your hands and even the inside covers are beautiful.
Must say.....a couple of chapters in and I am hooked again! Thanks Kris x
Speaking of books the postie bought me my latest edition of the printed version of my blog.
I love curling up and having a read of it, remembering ordinary and special days.
A question? Do any of you get your blog printed here in Australia?  The exchange rate with the US is getting a bit prohibitive and I would prefer to do it here?
Ok dinner is organised...I am  off to make more plans to defeat the evil sorcerer with the O'Dwyer clan!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. yellow daisies are so happy.... can't help on the printed blog front I'm afraid.. .hopefully you will get some answers..

  2. Great book. I have read all three and they do get you hooked.very cheerful daisies and a double purpose... well worth it

  3. Such cheerful flowers. I am glad they came home with you.
    It is so lovely to get lost in a book. Enjoy your reading time.
    I will be interested to see if anyone has ideas for printing here in Australia. Even with the discounts the o/s costs are still high.

  4. They are the happy flowers,so pretty and lovely to look at. Sorry can't help with the printing here. It is all getting so very expensive with postal costs. Enjoy your new journey with the book.x

  5. I have only used blog to print in the USA.......I went to order a book had it pretty much worked out ready to submit and checked how much $A and it is still sitting there waiting to be submitted sadly......

  6. pretty yellow flowers... My young GS devours any books like that..enjoy!
    Sorry never had my blog printed.

  7. They are lovely flowers - bringing the sunshine inside! Looks like lots of stitching with those leaves.... and I have only this year had my blog made into a book but didn't even think to see if I could get it done here....

  8. It is wonderful to get involved in a really great book. I love daisies too, such cheerful, happy flowers.

  9. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady those books look like my kind of books,I have been busy watching the series of the Vikings on Apple TV and loving them.
    Hope you are still not dreaming of leafs,lol,Namaste my friend xx

  10. Flowers are always a good idea... I agree about the exchange rate for our blogs to be printed but I, as well, don't know of anywhere in Australia who could do it...if you find out, please spread the

  11. Love the beautiful flowers. The book sounds interesting. Hugs,xx

  12. Love the flowers, they are a wonderful colour. Enjoy that book!! I get my blog printed in the US too, haven't found a local place to go to.

  13. Flowers always bring great joy to a room. You nordy gal, I have to get those books now! Remember her trilogy about witches several years ago? I remember reading them. Love your leaves.

  14. Love the flowers very cheerful.
    What a great idea of printing your blog. Would be great to get it done here. Sorry no help there from me.
    Enjoy your book. Xx

  15. Dear Michelle,
    the flowers are lovely indeed. Never thought of printing my blog posts, but now that you have written about it. That is really something to think about. Happy reading.

  16. Nice to treat yourself with some cheerful yellow flowers , you deserve them . Lovely applique Michelle and the book looks rather interesting. Hugs

  17. Mine is done in the US too.
    Hopefully one will turn up here and soon


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