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Friday, April 22, 2016

Nearly Done

I have finished putting my baby Dresden Plates together...
And I am really pleased to say they fit where they are supposed to go....woohoo!
A spot of applique to secure them and their little gold centres and my secret commission will be ready for some lovely quilting!!
Which means??
I can start something new! And that something has been on my wish list for a long time. It is a project in Quiltmania magazine and until recently I only had one of the issues needed. Thanks to a lovely gift from a friend I now have the other back issue.....

I am very excited to be mulling over fabrics in my minds eye for this beauty!
I just love it! So I can see a few "long term" projects in my future.  I am really hoping that a lot of the fabrics will come out of my stash.
Well I best not to finish my Dresden work so I can begin.....
I will leave you with this quote which was a favourite of my Grandmother and which she recited to me often. I find them inspiring words.
Enjoy your evening.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love the Dresdens. They are so cute. Brinton Hall is a gorgeous project. Hugs, xx

  2. Can't wait to see the finished dresdan project They look wonderful
    Brinton hall looks like a project to get you excited xx

  3. The little Dresdens are so cute...EPP is one of my favourites probably because it can be picked up and worked on anywhere. The Brinton Hall will be a beautiful quilt and as you say a long term project!.... Enjoy your search through your stash!

  4. Love your gorgeous dresdens Michelle. Can't wait to see the secret project. Ooh and love the new project

  5. Dear Michelle,
    the little Dresden Fans are just too cute. Lovely work, they turned out great. Don't know what you were worried about.
    Love Brinton Hall, a wonderful quilt, a wonderful project. Have the magazines are so fortunate to have time to start this one.

  6. Adorable little dresdens. Love your new project.

  7. Your baby dresdens are so cute and I love your new project. I have those quiltmania too and I looked a very lot to it. But I'm still in doubt.

  8. The Dresden blocks are just gorgeous Michelle.

  9. Such cute dresden blocks and your new project looks fabulous! Enjoy.

  10. Love your little dresdens. So nice.
    Your future project looks amazing. No wonder you're itching to get started.
    Lovely verse...xx

  11. Oh I really love those cute Dresdens. Your new project looks really hard but very exciting indeed. Good luck and thank you for taking the time to share. Guida

  12. Sweet little Dresdens. Ooo that next project is going to keep yo going for a while. Keeps you out of mischief I suppose.

  13. Your Dresdens are cute - what is the finished size across please? Your new project looks fascinating - lots of different ideas in there. I too love that quote. xx

  14. Those little dresden are so pretty. Glad the plan worked, but who doubted that it would?

  15. Just love those baby dresdens! How cool that you are getting ready to start your new project, bet you will have lots of fun with it too. I love your grandmother's quote. Great philosophy.

  16. How sweet are those baby dresdens and a lovely new project to start. Please bring the magazine when we meet so I can see it properly. Thats a great quote - we need more of that as there is enough yucky in the world without adding to it...

  17. The baby dresdens are delightful.
    Looks like you do have big plans for the next projects!


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