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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Well that was enjoyable....39 degrees C. and 96% humidity yesterday! Erk! Thank goodness we were at the Sanctuary yesterday for art....
and we had beautiful air con...nobody wanted to get up and leave!
My secret art project is nearing it's end....and I am quite pleased with it. A piccie later when it's completely finished.
I have been trying to be organised and work on Blessings in the evenings and Hexie UFO when I  get other spare time. I now have 1 whole row finished for Blessings...
I am loving lovely to stitch! On to No. 4 now.
Pondering and planning is still happening with Hexie. I have a rough drawing now and some little applique pieces cut out ready to go. I did iron those pieces truly I did!
I am still getting lots of inquiries about Calendar yes I have made a pattern.
The full pattern is now available from me. The cost is $17.00 AUD + postage if you are overseas. Paypal is preferred. You can email me at to order. Thanks so much for taking my little bears to your hearts x
While it is a fair bit cooler here this morning it is still quite steamy. I have some "domestic goddess" chores to see too and I am also doing a little designing.
After sharing special gatherings with friends over a pretty teacup last year it got me thinking.....that's a hint folks *wink*
It will be along the same lines as my Alphabets. Just pretty drawings for you to stitch in whatever manner you choose.  So watch this space lovely people.
Whatever you do today find a little joy in it.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. LOVE both the two gorgeous projects you are working on Michelle and your new drawings look wonderful. 96% humidity - way to humid for me. We have had some much needed lovely rain down here. Cooled the temps off a bit

  2. Hi Michelle
    such pretty progress on your EPP - lovely fabrics as always!
    Oh my goodness, I heard about the temps in your region, golly what a buster, thank heavens for air con!

  3. Hi my lovely friend ,boy that sure was a warm day ,so glad you were at the sanctuary with the air con.
    Oh I am so enjoying watching your blessings blocks,this is going to be so beautiful,and I love your sneaky drawings wonder what they will be.
    Hope you have a wonderful day Michelle,Namaste my friend xx

  4. It's been steamy here too, we have had some rain which is very welcome - unlike the humidity! - but it's still nowhere near as bad as over at the coast.

  5. Hello Michelle, I love your EPP blocks and the mystery stitchery look really good. Cant wait for winter to start, am so sick of the humidity. Take care and thanks for sharing. Guida

  6. Your row of the Blessings quilt looks wonderful, Michelle! Ooh the new designs you are working on sound very interesting 😊. It may not be as hot today as the last 2 days but it could be better! Lol

  7. Hello Michelle,
    i love the Blessing Quilt, and your new Teddybär Quilt too, i order son :)

    i wish you a creative day and week with love Marika

  8. Beautiful work, Michelle. And lovely sneak peek at a new one!
    Glad you had a cool place to enjoy your day.

  9. Blessings is looking gorgeous. Love the sneak peek. Hugs,xx

  10. this weather is just yucky!!! I have never felt the floor be so sticky from the humidity! love your new little designs and those blocks are looking wonderful

  11. Such a hot day!! So good to be in air con! Lots of beautiful creative work at your place Michelle.


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