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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Whatever Happened to Lucy??? For you Chooky!

Chookyblue and I have been having a chat about Lucy Boston. She has made some beautiful blocks and had some great hints about construction. I fessed up to feeling a little guilty about mine.
Would you keep a lovely lady in here...
SHAME on me because that's where mine are. I promised Chooky I would liberate them and show her where exactly I am up too.....
So.....4 blocks joined together...
1 block with border...almost! 4 completed blocks waiting for borders!
With advice from Chooky I have decided to drag myself into the 21st Century and actually glue baste these pieces...I then may have some chance of actually keeping poor Lucy out of  the chocolate tin! She may even become a lap quilt rather than a table runner lol!
Thanks so much Chooky xx
My dilemma over to 'keep the heart' or not has been resolved on the Hexie UFO (must think of a name) I replaced it with a small hexie and I feel now there is more cohesion and I feel much happier with it. Such a small change but it made a big difference.
Must go! Cuppa and break is over...back to "THE PURGE" of very, very old and unwanted magazines!
If you celebrate.....

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Your Lucy Boston blocks are beautiful I'm sure they will grow once you enjoy the glueing process.

  2. Such beautiful blocks Michelle, good on you and Chooky encouraging each other. I have recently joined the "gluers" too! Good luck with the purge. Cleansing in more ways than one!!

  3. Hi Michelle yes I was taught to glue when I was in Nundle,it's a lot quicker and easier.
    Love the little hexie my friend,good luck with a name xx

  4. I simply sew the blocks together - no EPP. So much simpler, and no need to glue.
    Love all your blocks Michelle. You are way further ahead than me. My Lucy is not even started! The book has been patiently on my shelf for a couple of years, waiting for me to get a move on.

  5. Your Lucy quilt is going to be a masterpiece. Love it.

  6. oh lovely block that you have made so far.......hope the glue helps.......

  7. As a 'lady' myself I would love to be kept in a chocolate box - but only if there was a good supply of chocolates there of course! - good on you pulling Lucy out though, your blocks are lovely, very scrummy actually. (Mine is also in the 'planning' stage!) Hope your purging is going well, something I find VERY difficult to do!

  8. Love your work. All coming together nicely.
    Missed catching up on Wednesday night. I totally forgot. Also I have finished the Country Alphabet. I have made it into a wall hanging. So loved doing it. Thank you.💜

  9. Poor Lucy must be very happy to see the light of day again. Knew that you would work out your "heart" dilemma. That hexie looks very happy amongst the birds.

  10. Your Lucy Boston blocks are wonderful and I love the quilt with the little birds.

  11. Good on you getting some refreshed ideas about Lucy, Michelle... sometimes bouncing some ideas off a friend is a good thing!

  12. loving your Lucy...mine only made it to 9 blocks, enough for a wall hanging or table topper, not quite sure which one yet...
    love your hexi quilt and the hexie between the birds looks very much at home...

  13. Lucy is so lovely, the box she was in is also cute. I love what you did on your Hexie UFO, I thought the heart was lovely, but you are right the hexie does make it look lots better. That's why your the expert and Im not. Thanks for taking the time to share. Guida

  14. What a lovely home Lucy has had to live in, she is looking fabulous now that she has come the small hexie in the border

  15. Loooove your LB blocks. I am on my 3rd one now. I still baste mine with cheap thread as I get very gluey messy fingers with the glue stick..quite pathetic , I know. Loving your new quilt progress.

  16. Sew nice to get your pretty Lucy blocks out of the pretty chocolate box...I like to use glue to baste PP...must faster.
    The small hexie looks great...

  17. Love Michelle,
    I like Cadbury, on April i am in England Sussex and i can buy it
    I like your Hexsgon Blocks,
    You are so a great woman :)
    Have a nice Valentine evening Marika
    Oh but what time in Australis now, i dont know it, sorry

  18. At least your Lucy was in a pretty tin. My Lucy is on her own in a heap of other stuff. Progress looks good.

  19. Love the UFO and your Lucy Bostonn is awesome I am in awe of it xxx


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