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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was just a  bit warm for me.....spent a bit of time in here....cooling down!
The bird bath in my garden is evaporating quicker than I can fill it! At least today is slightly milder....slightly! So hence being quiet and lazy.
"Project Baltimore " is underway! Borders are cut. Fabrics are sorted for the swag and templates are made.

Just waiting for the fabric to dry so I can press it and get cutting....shouldn't take too long in this weather.
Block 4 for TSS is completed...
So cute! This one was designed by Jen Kingwell. Being all snuggled down in my comfort zone with this one....loved every stitch!
Blessings is enjoying a stitch or too also. I am steadily appliquing the cirle down on Block 4.
Ok off for a cool drink! Maybe even another dip!
Embrace this day....don't just take it for granted.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely Michelle. The heat and humidity knocks your socks off and water right out of the bird bath!

  2. hi Michelle such lovely work my friend,hope it doesnt get to hot for you today xx

  3. It's been horribly hot here, too! Nothing like some stitching to cool you down.

  4. Nice to sit inside and do your lovely stitching.. Your block 4 is lovely with the fussy cut FG fabric...

  5. Hi Michelle, lovely work. Lets hope autumn starts really quickly. Take care, Guida.

  6. I hope the weather cools down for you soon...beautiful projects you are working on.

  7. Yes, hard to embrace so much hot weather Michelle. Hoping for a cooler week, and more sewing. Your block 4 is very nice, and I do like the little grey birdie too. xx

  8. Lovely Michelle
    We had too much sun and almost spring this week in Germany
    I like your Projects so loverly Blocks
    Kind regards Marika

  9. Your latest SS block is lovely. New one due soon.

  10. it has been hot... hoping for some more rain soon. lovely block - so pretty and I love your swag colour.

  11. I love your SS block. I wasn't going to make that one but I have since been inspired by you and Mel. Applique is beautiful.

  12. I know I should embrace the day but really so over hot weather. TSS is looking good - was nice to get a simpler one this time round...
    looking forward to the Baltimore evolution.

  13. We do have to make the most of the warm ones as the cooler days are just around the corner.


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