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Saturday, February 20, 2016


After the self imposed trauma of working on the teeny pieced SS block I was very happy to retreat back to my comfort zone and get the side borders on Hexie.
I enlisted the help of a friend.....a new variety!
(Very nice) curled up in my chair and happily appliqued little hexie flowers to one of the side borders....I managed 5 and I  was quite satisfied! The piccie is a bit boring but you get gist.
I hope if you joined us for FNSI you had a very nice time too.
Thank you wonderful Wendy over at Sugarlane Quilts for being our hostess again. I hope your poor foot is recovered now xxx
I must be a glutton for punishment in the learning something new stakes because today I trotted out to an art workshop to learn a technique called Scratchboard. It is awesome for getting very fine details for fur and feathers. It is done on white clayboard that has a layer of black ink and yep you guessed it you scratch through the ink. We learnt several different strokes and how to use the scratching tool.
We then moved on to a small portrait that was provided for us. I found this very challenging but I did like it. It's unfinished and depending on the end result I may share it lol! It was such good fun though with lovely folks and lots of giggles.
My brain is very tired now! Definitely time for a cuppa.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hello Michelle,

    What an interesting technique you learnt at your art class. We have a pop up shop in town at the moment with artists displaying their items. I called in during the week and a lady was painting with tar. Such fine work, amazing how many talented people there are. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Happy days.

  2. I've never heard of that technique. How interesting.
    Love going to workshops to learn something new.

  3. What an interesting technique you have learnt ..
    Pleased you managed to relax stitching your hexies and having a TimTam...

  4. Your hexie quilt is looking so lovely. That scratch technique looks intriguing. Champagne Tim Tams?

  5. Nothing like a Tim Tam for helping one's stitching to go well, is there!

  6. Hi Michelle ,this quilt is coming along so nice,I love it ,oh it's so good you are enjoying your drawing there is always so much to learn,I don't think we ever stop learning,enjoy your weekend my friend xx

  7. Gorgeous quilt! I think you've inspired me I have a large stack of pink hexie flowers that need to be put to good use. Something like this might be just the ticket!

  8. Never heard of that technique, sounds very interesting and I look forward to seeing your finished piece.

  9. Great to get all those hexies attached. Always good to learn a new technique..that was an interesting one.

  10. Your hexies are looking wonderful Michelle. I was thinking that the scratching technique you learnt might look great as teddy bears fur ??

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  12. Your hexagons look beautiful Michelle, those tim tams look yum to.

  13. Hi Michelle, loved seeing your hexie project. Regards, Lyn

  14. Loving the hexie quilt and how decadent are those TimTams????

  15. You are making great progress on that quilt. It is looking lovely.
    I have walked past those Tim Tams several times now trying not to be tempted. Wonder how long I will last.
    That scratch technique looks interesting. It is good to try something new, even if only to find out if you like it or not. Good fun.

  16. Always good for the brain to learn something new.
    I've been resisting all those new tim tams...trying to anyway.

  17. A very productive time happening in your space.

  18. Dear Michelle,
    love your cute hexies. The project is coming along very well, wonderful stitching for Friday night.


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