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Monday, February 8, 2016

Want to come for a Wander?

I had a lovely walk this afternoon with my Mister. We have been exploring a few other trails in the park where we walk....some are quite steep...great while you are walking down them...
but you have to walk back up them. Lots of puffing and panting take place! Still we manage most days. It's nearly 4kms and definitely not a flat wander...not bad for a couple of old fogies, I think anyway.
It gets steeper!!! We had the cutest little wallaby perched on a rocky ledge watching us struggle up the path.
We were quite high and could see over to the distant mountains..
Even though things are a bit dry I love the ferny gullies and rocks.
We found an old tree that was probably a forest apartment block...
as there were several hollows and one had a very nice leafy nest...
I hope you enjoyed your little wander with me and weren't toooo bored.
A little bit of stitching has been happening. I needed a little break from Blessings so I got to work on the applique on the border of Hexie UFO.
It is coming along nicely. I seem to be doing a lot of needle turn of late. Love it!
Today is a special day. Our eldest Grandson is celebrating his 8th birthday. He is growing up so fast.
he celebrated with a Lego party on Saturday and today with cupcakes for his classmates.
Happy Birthday and kisses xxx
Some of  my very favourite people were born in February!
Have a lovely week folks.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. hi my lovely friend,what a beautiful walk you went on,lots to see and it wouldve been very peaceful,love it.
    Happy birthday to lachie,they grow up so fast,enjoy your eveing Michelle ,Namaste and blessings xx

  2. My 'baby' boy turned 34 today. Seems like only yesterday he was the same age as your Lachie. Grab on to each day I say!

  3. A lovely forest frolic with lots of nature's gifts to see and enjoy. Loving your appliques. Happy birthday to your grandson. My eldest daughter was 32 on 6th Feb.

  4. Thankyou for the walk. I am not puffed at all! Belated birthday wishes to Lachie. I never tire of seeing your lovely stitching.

  5. That's a lovely walk......and with not much effort on our part! Happy birthday wishes to Lachie, birthdays are a really big deal at this age, aren't they?

  6. I enjoyed my walk - thanks and not a puff out of me at all!
    Yummo cakes - so easy to hand out like that.

  7. So nice to do an UP walk and mot be suffering from it later!! Thanks for taking us along! Nice to have that nearby. Your stitching is lovely.

  8. Wow what a great walking track thank you for taking us on the walk. Love your needle turning ufo.

  9. A lovely post. Happy Birthday to Lachie.

  10. Happy birthday to your grandson, especially as we share a birthday and he is 8 on the 8th! Love seeing your walk in the woods. I really enjoyed those walks when we were in Oz.

  11. Happy Birthday to Lachie, he and I share the same birthday (a few hundred years apart), I'm sure he had a lovely day like me. I love your park, its great to be around trees, it always makes me feel happy. Take care, Guida.

  12. Happy Birthday Lachie. I think this was a "golden " birthday (8 on the 8th)

  13. looks a great walk ... one day when I visit we should do a walk too.... lovely stitching and such a lovely picture of Lachie... bet he enjoyed those cupcakes...

  14. What a lovely place to go for a walk...well done you two!! Pretty special looking cupcakes there. Bet Lachlan's classmates enjoyed those 😃

  15. Dear Michelle,
    what cute little cupcakes for a special birthday celebration. Your pictures of the walk look so pretty.

  16. A lovely wander, thankyou Michelle. We have to drive to the Grampians to have a wander like that. Hope your gorgeous grandson had a wonderful birthday

  17. Thanks for the walk, didn't get puffed at all.....
    Lachie has grown, love those big brown eyes.

  18. A beautiful area for walking.
    Ans best wishes for the birthday boy!


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