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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Quilts, quilts and more quilts!

Yesterday I spent the day with my dear friend Ann at the Brisbane Craft and Quilting show.....we wandered chatted oohed and ahhed over all the goodies....bought a few! We then met up with some other lovely friends for a rest, a chat and a cuppa. Later three of us met up to view the quilts... You may recognise these faces.
Yes Fiona from Bubzrugz and Marilyn from Mardi Meanderings and yours truly. The quilt behind us was amazing....
Edging the binding was metres and metres of very fine piping....
I got a headache just thinking about how you would do that! Another one that I really loved was this one which was needle turned applique...
I took a close up of this one too because it was gorgeous..
For all your fevered Lucy Boston fans...good news apparently you can get a quilt finished!
Speaking of EPP, I so want to play with these chubby little sawn off Dresden blades (I tried to buy some papers at the show but couldn't)
 Love it!
Fiona and I both loved this one....a vintage tea cloth appliqued to a background and quilted so beautifully and hiding 10 wee pussy cats in the quilting. It was one of the challenge quilts.... the theme was 10!
Here are some I just fancied....
At the end of the display was this wall of gorgeous fabric Icons all the same design but embroidered individually....
I very poor photo of the explanation of it all...
So beautiful! Each and every one!
This one with the pearl buttons was a favourite of mine.
I hope you are still with me....I have a couple of piccies left over but I will save those....besides I gave to go and do a special post about a BEEEEautiful parcel I received today!
I just want to say to our very lovely Cheryll Happy Birthday xxx

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such beautiful quilts....nice photo of the three of you...perfectt day

  2. What a beautiful series of quilts Michelle, and I like the icons very much too. The pearl one is gorgeous.

  3. Lovely quilt show......thank you for sharing!

  4. The quilt show was wonderful ... As was the Cosby

  5. Wow MIchelle Thankyou for sharing your day and boy I wish I was there with the 3 of you,what a fun time .xx

  6. What a lovely lot of photos of the quilts. I wish I'd taken more. The hidden cats one was one of my favourites and I'm suspecting you were standing looking at it with Fiona when I messaged to make sure she didn't miss it!

  7. Lovely pics - thanks - missed some of those - and yes I wondered about that piping too. It was so gorgeous, as were heaps of others. A lovely day.

  8. Gosh Michelle the quilts look AMAZING!

  9. I was at the show today... the quilts sure are beautiful. I admired some of the same ones you photographed! didn't buy anything though, I can't get to those I have planned, let alone think of starting something new!!!

  10. Eye candy +++. I love going to quilt shows and getting inspired - the work some people do just stuns me.

  11. how nice you girls got to meet up at the quilt show.........

  12. how nice you girls got to meet up at the quilt show.........


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