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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Catchups & Catching Up.

On Monday I got to have lunch overlooking our lovely city. I am definitely a big fan of where I live.

It was a perfect Spring day..
But what made it even more perfect was that our lovely blogging friend Marina traveled north to our fair city. Marina was amongst my first blogging friends so it was so wonderful to see her in my home town. The company just got better and better with friends Fiona and Teresa there as well.
Thank you Fiona and Marina for the pics x Needless to say there was lots of chatting and loads of laughter.
Come back soon Marina!!!!
When we were leaving this little local resident came to see us off the premises...hope you can see him.
Now for the catching up..... I have been working away solidly on a new project and have all the Applique and embroidery done...
Next...putting them together in a pleasing way....Thursday I think!
I have also been spending my evenings with my pencils drawing up the Bear Alphabet...
but a very strange thing has been happening! Only the girls are showing up, so it looks like a Boys Alphabet will be coming also....fair is fair after all!
Have a wonderful day all.
Beautiful Jacaranda in bloom posted on Facebook by my favourite radio station Brisbane Magic 882.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely post MIchelle ,what a lovely group of friends,wonderful times and boy I sure love your tree the colour is gorgeous MIchelle.xx

  2. Always lovely to catch up with friends Michelle. Looks like you had a great day. Beautiful sewing going on at your place. A boys alphabet sounds great. hugs......

  3. Love the look of those applique blocks Michelle

  4. Love the look of those blocks and so glad that you had such a great day catching up.

  5. Always nice to catch up with friends.

  6. Nice post. Your applique blocks look lovely.

  7. Sounds like the perfect day especially catching up,with friends. The blocks are looking so enticing !!!

  8. Glad to see that you could all synchronise watches and meet up with one another. I can imagine the chatter and laughter and look forward to hearing Marina's stories.

  9. What a surprise to see Marina there with you. Looks like a lovely day out.

  10. Catch ups with friends are such fun! A boy's alphabet sounds good - so many designs seem to be aimed at girls, don't they. Love the tree too, jacarandas aren't our here yet but they will be by the time we come home!

  11. Aren't jacarandas an amazing colour. There is a jacaranda festival in Goodna this weekend and the trees surrounding the park are just stunning!

  12. catching up with you girls was the highlight of my trip, so glad we got to spend the day together.
    can't wait to see those designs all together.
    Missing the jacaranda trees....

  13. I just know you had a lovely day with Marina. So lovely to spend the day meeting and catching up. The jacarandas are beautiful.

  14. How lovely to catch up with Marina and friends. She is such a sweetie. Your new project is so very cute (what we can see lol). I am assuming it is for Country Threads. Two bear alphabets - now you are spoiling us

  15. Lunch with friends is always a treat . Brisbane is such a lovely looking city –it’s one of my favourite places to visit. And you guys certainly know how to show off a Jacaranda.

    Your new projects are looking wonderful.

  16. A very nice day out for you all. Can't wait for the alphabet(s). :) Gorgeous applique blocks. Hugs,xx

  17. A lovely treat with all of you....

  18. What a wonderful way to spend a day together. A perfect catch up.


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