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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Vintage Morning Tea at Linen and Lace

This morning I drove down to one of my favourite places down by the bay, Cleveland. (a very heavy photo post but I didn't want you to miss out!) Why? Well to visit a lovely lady called Marilyn whom I have known for many years and who just happens to be the owner and creator of the most beautiful shop of Handmade and vintage goodies. You just do not know what to look at first.
If you love "Vintage", Linen and Lace will make you swoon. The very lovely and talented Marilyn behind her counter,
 So may pretties....even on the outside!
Today Marilyn was hosting..
Outside her shop were several other trading tables of lovely vintage wares. You could also have a delicious morning tea....I will show you that shortly. My dear friend Tracey White from Rose Petals Past had her beautiful wares there, so after a big hug and a big catchup....
I had to have a look see at all her gorgeous things... Tracey is so very talented and is credited solely for getting me started on this path! So you can blame her. Lol!
Did I buy anything???/ Well of course I did. One is a sweet gift (so no piccie) and I could not resist this lovely picture stand made from a vintage fork...
The other traders were just as beautiful.....Liliah Rose Jewellry.
I could have bought home every single piece!!!! But I resisted and bought home one...even the box is cute. The pendant is made from a piece of vintage china....soooo not me! Definitely have my eye on some other sweet pieces for next time!

I just loved Claudette and Hester Handmade......lots of beautiful pieces. Lovely embroidery, some upcycled doilies...gorgeous bunting made from beautiful vintage pieces.....oh happy heart!

Vintage china!!!! I love this traders name....."Fairies at work"
 Whilst I was trying to choose which bits of vintage lace and trims to buy from here...
my heart was totally kidnapped and held to ransom until I bought this little girl home...
She is a Cactus Bear design and her tag says "Off to the Opera" It was useless to resist I am afraid!
I arranged to meet my dear friends Gaye and Gary there to sample the very delicious morning tea..
Gaye and Marilyn...
There is something that just feels extra special about using lovely china....the little tables were set with vintage cloths, roses on the tables and your morning tea was delivered my a lovely gentleman on a beautiful vintage tray.
I just wanted to inhale all I saw. I don't know about you but I get a little tired of seeing the same old gifty ranges all over the country....doesn't matter what town you are in. So it was very nice to support other crafts persons and buy some unique items made with great care.
I shall leave you with a couple of piccies that Marilyn very graciously allowed me to take so I could share them with you....mind you this is only one tiny little corner in the shop.

I just loved this Christmas stocking.
Marilyn hosts these market days monthly so keep your eyes peeled because I shall let you know when they are on or you can follow her on facebook..Linen and Lace Cleveland (you must add in Cleveland!)
Ahhhh! Don't just love these kind of days!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. I enjoyed the tour and all the gorgeous pieces love your opera teddy :)

  2. Gosh that sure looks like a wonderful day Michelle, all those stalls & the shop look just divine, I love your new purchases & yes, I think that teddy would've had to come home with me too.

  3. Oh my - I am wishing I went even more now. I think I might have to take some time off work so I can make the next one. Beautiful photos Michelle and I love your necklace and bear!!!

  4. Oh looks amazing!!! So many goodies, thank you for sharing your delightful outing to a magical place!

  5. You sure had a wonderful day. Love all that you showed and the bear is gorgeous. You are also an amazing artist(last post wow those bears!) Keep it up.

  6. wow what a shop, to think I almost made it there. We were almost going to detour but I told Joe not to worry. How dumb am I?
    Love your necklace. I think it's by the same maker as mine that was bought on Tambourine mountain.
    So much loveliness....
    You did well to only bring a few goodies home.

  7. Oh Michelle you lucky thing. What a gorgeous shop and traders - just my "cup of tea" too. Love your new bear and your beautiful purchases

  8. Wow MIchelle lots of gorgeous goodies there,glad you had such a lovely day,I think you were in your alament there.xx

  9. Oh how beautiful it all looks. I know what you mean about the same things in all the shops. This looks unique and amazing, love your purchases.

  10. Just beautiful Michelle, looks like a great day out :) Barb.

  11. What a lovely day you had. As you say lots of different things to look at - and morning tea always tastes nicer in China! Keep us posted for the next Market Day.

  12. I think I just overdosed on shabby chic! I think you just answered the question of how much gorgeous stuff can be crammed into one post. The shop and displays look fantastic and I would have brought home at least half of it. Probably a good thing I wasn’t with you!

  13. What a lovely day out. Love the opera teddy. So very cute. Would've loved to go but Sunday's just aren't a good day for me to get anywhere. Hugs,xx

  14. how lovely.....such a lot of prettiness... I can hear you gasping!

  15. Hello Michelle,

    What a lovely shop. I agree with you about the items that are in shops today. The first time you see them you think how lovely and unique then you see them again and again. Lovely way to have morning tea too. Enjoy your goodies. Thanks so much for sharing the lovely shops.

    Happy days.

  16. Beautiful pictures and a lovely day out.

  17. Prefect name for this shop. I could get lost in it...looking all day.

  18. What a wonderful day. So many beautiful goodies!! Lovely photos.

  19. Lots of beautiful things to see, ahhhh definitely on my "to visit" list.....

  20. Oh Michelle, how I wish I could have been there.
    Thank you sharing the gorgeous photos.
    I agree with elliek, your drawings on the previous post were amazing, you are very talented.
    Hugs R.


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