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Saturday, October 18, 2014

FNSI & Show & Tell

Last night  was
with the lovely Wendy as our hostess. I had planned lots but didn't get very far! You see we have always had a resident Mama Brushtail possum but since our gorgeous boy went to doggie heaven...well to put it bluntly...
Mrs Poss has been taking liberties and bring home unsavoury types....lots of ruckus at all hours and having babies and then fighting with them and generally making a big mess everywhere and getting into spots under our house which are not desirable. Now as an avid lover of wildlife no harm could be permitted to come to Mrs Poss but we did need to find out where she was getting in an block it we had to sit in the dark and do a spot of Possum Wrangling.Wait for the exit of Possum and Co. and then hit the hammer and nails to seal up where they were getting in. All these took a bit of time. They are soooo cute but I wish they would leave home.

Consequently I didn't achieve much after all of this but a little bit of stitching counts. Right?
I finished putting together my little Frosty design...
So it ready to quilt now. I really wanted to get the antennae stitched on my butterflies on the Hexie Garden quilt but only managed 3 sets...
I hope you enjoyed your stitching if you joined in last night....I will be checking in later. Thank you so much Wendy for having us at your place again....even if mine was a flying visit.
Now to the "Show & tell"....Daniela (no blog) sent me a photo of her beautifully stitched version of "Good Friends warm the Heart" which featured in Country Threads a while ago. I love these good friends.
Such a lovely it! Thanks so much for sharing it Daniela  and for your lovely email x
A lot of you have made good use of my little freebies from "My Sketchpad" on my side bar which makes me so happy. Lynn B from Happiness is Cross stitching made a lovely wall hanging from my little Angel for a swap she was taking part in.
Do you see the lovely tags? Aren't they cute? Lynn has made them from the design. Here's a better view...
Well Lynn asked me if she could offer them as a free PDF for you to download from her lovely blog. If you click on her name above it will take you there. I said yes. So nice to keep the circle of giving and gratitude going.
Thank you Lynn. I just loved where my little Angel took you and thank you also for sharing with us.
I have started my weekend with a lovely walk up in the bush this morning...
Loved this and wanted to share it. This is for you Pat C.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle, despite the possum wrangling you still got heaps done. Love the show and tell.

  2. Lovely work Michelle. Hopefully the possums can find a new home.

  3. Every little bit counts - possums can be quite a nuisance. Your reworked angels look lovely.

  4. Real live 'Possum Magic' :o)
    Lovely stitching.

  5. We are often troubled by possums now we no longer have our big old dog too Michelle, they like to eat my roses unfortunately.
    Love what you accomplished last night & also love the verse you shared at the end :-)

  6. naughty possums!!! they are cute though.... lovely stitching and always great to see your designs made up.... so see you Monday??? great

  7. Possums are indeed cute, but such a nuisance in urban areas! Your stitching is gorgeous, even though you didn't manage as much as you had hoped.

  8. Drama's.........those aminals always keep us being bored! Love stitching, the GMG quilt is looking beautiful.

  9. Beautiful projects Michelle, those possums are horrible. Hope they find new residence very soon.

  10. Possums are so cute but oh yes what a nuisance. Love your beautiful projects.

  11. Love the show and tell Michelle, thankyou for sharing your designs, it was a pleasure to make the quilt and tags from the Angel design, I am sure I will use it many times!

  12. They are cute BUT pleased you could block up the hole sew they stay out in the bush..

    Nice bit of stitching you got done though.

  13. Nothing worse than someone living in your house that you wish would leave....we are talking about the possums and no adult children right... Love the stitching as always..

  14. Love all your stitching ...we have have had rhe odd poss loving with us as well😄

  15. Possums can be so annoying. Love seeing all your projects. Hugs,xx

  16. Beautiful work. Possums can be very annoying sometimes. I really enjoy your stitcheries.

  17. Now you can add Possum Wrangling and Relocation to your list of amazing skills as well!

  18. Even just a little bit of sewing is better than none. I had to laugh about your possum exploits we too had possums who decided to leave their babies in our bathroom window in-between the glass and wire it was interesting getting them out from that spot we later found out one of our neighbours had been feeding them which just encouraged them to hang around GGrrrr :) Barb.

  19. Those possums can make a huge noise.They sound like elephants on the roof when they get going. Add the hissing and screeching to that it often sounds like a battle going on. Maybe a bit of trapping and relocating is in order?
    Lovely as always to see your stitching. All progress is good!

  20. lovely work done there Michelle - & I do hope that Mrs Poss finds a new home for here brood very soon!

  21. The Angel gift tags are gorgeous

  22. The possums are lovely, but they can be a nuisance and very noisy. Love your little frosty - gorgeous. He looks a very familiar lol


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