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Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Morning

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I did and it was nice to be out and about in such lovely Spring weather. After our little road trip we relaxed on our front patio and watched the display put on by our local footy club to celebrate their end of season...
Having an almost front row seat we enjoy it every year...
I did a little bit of stitching and playing yesterday while Mr R. watched those fast cars go around and around on that track at Bathurst.....
Very relaxing...
A little show and tell to start the friend Robyn has been stitching my "C" is for Christmas.
Look how pretty it looks all finished.
Jeanette has made the sweetest bunting from my baby alphabet for her dear little Grandson.
Thanks so much for sharing girls.....loved seeing them.
A little show and tell from me too...
For all my "Gingie" fans out there, my new Christmas Gingie Banner is in the latest Country Threads Magazine...
I was really excited about this one and loved creating it.....very hard to keep my trap shut and not spill the beans!
Hope you like stitching it as much as I did.....I know a couple of little Christmas stitchers all ready with needles threaded....he he!
That's it from me as my Yoga mat is calling me,
Wishing you a beautiful day.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Congrats on another publish! I love the little Christmas heart you stitched, too. How nice to have a front row seat for the fireworks.

  2. Your new pattern is lovely, Michelle. I love the heart in your sneak peek! We have front row seats for fireworks for the town fair every year too.

  3. Published again! How very exciting. All of your designs are fun!

  4. Congrats to you. I will be looking for the magazine next time I am in town.

  5. race day is a good sew day..... lovely to see the goodies people have made with your patterns... and lovely to have such great seats for the fireworks

  6. Love the stitchery and fabrics you've been playing with.
    Was there cars racing over the weekend somewhere? ;-)

  7. congrats, my hubby watches cars go round and round to

  8. love your pattern, and all of the lovely show and tell, very clever!

    loved watching the cars go round and round, it was very exciting this year, right down to the very last second

  9. Oo love the gingies. So cute. Hugs, xx

  10. Hmmm, time to do a little Christmas stitching here too. It looks lovely, I must go forth and seek a Country Threads, asap. Great fireworks show!

  11. Stitching is much more peaceful than watching those cars race each other round and round! Congratulations on another magazine project.

  12. Lots of lovely stitching and projects in this post! Congrats on being published, another lovely design. xx

  13. Love all of your designs Michelle, congratulations on being published again!

    Here is a picture of a mini quilt that I made using your free design.

  14. Congratulations Michelle on another publication!

  15. What lovely front row seats for those fireworks. They look like xmas fabrics for your new project - yummy. And I LOVED your gingie project in Country Threads - of all your wonderful gingie projects, think this one is my very favourite. And yes I'm one of those who have started lol

  16. Lovely gingie pattern Michelle. Have the fabrics and the mag, now just need the time. Hugs......

  17. I enjoyed the show and tell. That heart is very sweet, I do like it very much.

  18. Gorgeous stuff there - both yours and other people's . That bunting is so pretty!

    Congrats on the magazine cover too.

  19. Congratulations on having another pattern published. What a lovely feeling!

  20. I just love your alphabets. I found out recently that I am to become a Nana so out to my wonderful local Country Yard I trot and with Kerryn's help have designed and have just started making, not one but two crib quilts (one blue, one pink)! Of course your baby alphabet will be the star! Have traced all letters I need and will now start stitching!! So please keep going with your lovely alphabets and stitcheries - would love an Easter one:) Aurely


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