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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Binding.

It's another binding day...
Sewing it on....
and already for stitching down. Can you see that pretty quilting? Well wonderful Fiona is responsible. But you will have to wait awhile to see the rest of her exquisite work.
A new project is in the works for me so I thought I would have a little muse and play with this little bundle that I have been collecting bits for and adding to when I saw something I loved.
Sorry not a very good photo....they look so lovely altogether.
Yesterday afternoon I sat on my front verandah watching a storm come in and it occurred to me how much I love the smell and sounds of an approaching afternoon Summer storm (as long as they are not destructive of course) Love the birds sqwarking to one another about it's approach and the rumbling thunder in the distance and the sounds of raindrops on roofs getting louder as it gets closer....oh and the delicious smell of raindrops of parched ground....nothing like it!
On my little verandah I often feel like I am sitting up in my Jacaranda tree with my feathered is a mass of beautiful lavender....
I always think of her as a lady...I don't know why! She, with the help of the storm yesterday has been showering the garden beneath with her prettiness...
Star Jasmine is not to be out done either....
I wish you a spectacular day of simple beauties too.
I am off for a lovely cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate....apparently it is good for your memory! So true because I never forget where I have stashed it!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. I don't like making binding, but I sure love sewing it down. Your Jacaranda trees are so pretty.

  2. Ah yes, we grabbed onto that newsflash about chocolate and memory, Michelle. We will be sure to take our 'medicine' regularly, he he.
    We love a storm too, and sat outside to watch the show last night, although we lack a gorgeous jacaranda in bloom. How lovely is your tree!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your new quilt. Binding is my least favourite part of sewing.
    We have 2 jacaranda trees in our yard but they are still in bud-- another week or so and ours should be out too.

  4. It's always excting to get to the binding stage! Spring is beautiful for you at the moment! I hope my Jacaranda tree grows up to be as beautiful as yours :-) (Loved your visit to Linen and Lace)

  5. Lovely post, Michelle. I'm looking forward to seeing the other side of that quilt!

  6. I always love the hand sewing down of the binding, not the machine bit. I love all the goodies you are going to play with.

  7. Storms aren't fun when having to drive home in them.... which is what happens to us a lot in summer and as I work in Brisbane CBD and live at Tweed Heads, it's a bit of a trek to avoid these storms. I love Jacaranda's, they looks so beautiful in full bloom. The star Jasmine however gives me headaches I can't take the smell at all.....

  8. Binding is the good bit, cause it means you have nearly finished!

  9. Nice bundle of fabrics - can't wait to see what they become Michelle. I love sitting on the verandah too and watching a storm approach. Plenty of thunder and lightning down here this week. Lol love your theory on chocolate

  10. You are such a tease maybe just a little more of a peak. Your tree is just beautiful..

  11. Oh, I can just about smell your jasmine, Michelle... one of my favourites!
    Beautiful garden pics...

  12. Love your beautiful Jacaranda tree Michelle and the rest of your garden appears to be putting on a show too for Spring.

    I like binding - there's something thats very calming about the end process of finishing a quilt.

  13. I know that's a lovely quilt... heehee.... the jacaranda is so pretty... ours are still in bud... and we haven't had the storms.. only 3 drops of rain....
    See you Sunday....

  14. I like to do binding , I know then the end is near ;-) your jacaranda tree is amazing , we don't have anything close to that . Hugs Sheila

  15. I just love your jacaranda ..... Your binding looks so perfect can't wait to see the other side :)

  16. I can't resist a jacaranda tree. I must confess I don't enjoy binding, which is probably a few in a pile waiting to be finished.

  17. You do like pretty things!!
    The Jacaranda has to be one of my favourite trees.


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