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Friday, September 26, 2014

Toowoomba Quilters Quilt Show

As promised a wee taste of the lovely quilts Fiona and I saw yesterday.
This first one was amazing. The maker gave all her friends a block and permanent markers and asked them to design a block. The result was beautiful. We thought the design was in the fabric.
EPP! Of course I loved it!
This quilt was so rich in colour and very pretty. My photo does not do it justice.
The little red corners on the blocks are cathedral windows...very striking!
This one was just so sweet! There was also a display of small art hangings. Two of them I really loved. This one with the Foxgloves...
  and this little beauty with the spiderweb...
 The club had a challenge using two fabrics and an owl theme. Our very own Fiona had the loveliest entry.
I really liked it before i even knew it was hers as there were no names attached to them....
There is a little story on the back...
Wonderful display!
You know being a stitcher is a journey. Whether you have just stepped on to the path or you have been wandering along it for ages. It doesn't matter. If our hearts and minds are open we can always learn something new or be inspired by another. Being a stitcher is a wonderful thing and we should embrace each others efforts and creativity and celebrate that fact.
So Bless all of my lovely fellow stitchers out there "may your thread be plentiful and your needles sharp"
Thank you to my lovely sister in stitching Fiona for a fabulous day!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. what gorgeous quilts.Fiona's owl hanging is amazing, love the close up showing the quilting and the label of course. Wise words.

  2. wow love Fiona's Mantra,she is so clever and i love the wording on the back. Boy and that spider web is gorgeous,thankyou for sharing a part of yours and Fiona's day,Namaste my friend.xx

  3. Thanks for showing us. The marker one, did she quilt on the designs? Hand or machine if so? Very interesting. xxx

  4. Beautiful photos Michelle. Glad you had a great day with Fiona. Hugs....

  5. It was a fabulous day and the quilts were great.... I didn't take pictures so I will be linking to my good blogger friend!!

  6. Gorgeous quilts and wise words.

  7. Gorgeous quilts. I wanted to take photo's whilst there but someone said we weren't allowed. Loved those owl quilts. Hugs, xx

  8. Gorgeous eye candy enjoyed with a good friend. :)

  9. Looks like a great day strolling around!! Lots of hard work in those quilts too!

  10. Lovely quilts it is so inspiring going to quilt shows. We have so many talented people in Australia.

  11. This is a lovely collection of quilts. The small art works look great. And Fiona's owl are wonderful.

  12. Every picture is gorgeous Michelle...and I really love those pink foxgloves.
    What a great day out.

  13. Thank you for sharing the wonderful quilts Michelle. Love the spiders web and Fiona's owls, such good words on the back. it is interesting how thins week seems to be a learning week for many of us!

  14. Such beautiful quilts Michelle - very inspiring. wish we could have all been there with the two of you

  15. Glad you both had such a lovely day together. Love seeing the results of people's talent and creativity.

  16. LOVE the foxglove quilt – one of the most amazing 3D pieces Ive seen . And the spiderweb is so creative . How do people come up with these ideas. The limit of my imagination is confined to fabric choice...

    Fiona’s challenge quilt is amazing !

  17. I just love Fiona's owl challenge quilt. It is so different from the others, like gods in an ancient temple. The friend quilt was one of my favourites as well, the fabrics with their marker pen designs so effective.


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