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Monday, September 8, 2014

More Previews and Show & Tell

Good morning or should I say afternoon. I have been tap, tap, tapping away writing instructions today.
Don't you hate it when your printer ink runs out aarrgghh! So no printing until I get to the shops tomorrow! I thought you might like to see another little preview of what is coming up.
My little set of tree ornaments are finished and I have called them "Christmas Sentimentals" Like to see

Simple but I think quite cute! The next one is my new favourite....I loved it from the drawing stage and love how it has turned out....Blessings and Ginger!
Amongst the Holly is still needing some work and this little cutie will not tell me what he wants to be....
Not to mention this pair who told me what they wanted to be but just not how to finish them.
So as you can imagine a little crazy around here.
Now to the Show and Tell. A lovely lady by the name of Kerryn at The Country Yard across the waves  in Maungatapere, Northland New Zealand has been very supportive of my designing endeavours and actually was the inspiration behind my Country at Heart Alphabet. Kerryn has given me permission to share with you a couple of the samples of my designs from her gorgeous shop.
This first one is the cover of Country at Heart, stitched beautifully by Raewyn from Love to Stitch  who is lucky enough to work there....
She then stitched several of the letters to make this lovely cushion.
I really love it in the sage green. It is so nice to see how creative they have been. The girls also did a version of my "C" is for Christmas table centre. they made a very cute runner.
Thank you so much Kerryn for allowing me to share your photos. It made my heart happy.
Ok gotta is definitely needed before I continue on.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Love the stitching designs you are doing Michelle, those Kiwi girls are clever aren't they! Lol!! No bias here! hee hee..

  2. More gorgeous stitching designs. Does your brain turn off and let you sleep sometimes.
    Love seeing Raewyn's stitching.

  3. Love them all Michelle. Thanks for showing people's interpretations of your designs. Sharyn:)

  4. Your stitching designs are adorable, so nice to look at them, I love it, specially the snowman, I love snowman.
    Beautiful things on your show and tell.


  5. Just love it all - but I think my favourite is the sleeping snowman can't wait to see what you do with him..

  6. Hi Michelle,love your new designs and love how the ladies have used your patterns,they are so lovely,namaste my friend.xx

  7. You a so creative Michelle. It must be a fun place inside your head when you're designing.

  8. Cute stitcheries......and interesting to see ideas for making them up!

  9. Michelle LOVE all your new designs. Can't wait to get stitching. What clever girls they are at The Country Yard - love the idea with the cushion and your alphabet

  10. I love show and tell! Such lovelies. I haven't taken time to embroider this summer as I'm fertively working on hand quilting a signature quilt for my sister's 25th anniversary. She's been waiting for it for 6 years now, bless her heart!! But I drool over all your patterns, ideas, and gorgeous work!

  11. Always lots of loveliness here - especially the Christmas loveliness!!

  12. Dear Michelle,

    All the show and tell is great. I really love the Christmas designs.

    It won't be long before we'll be singing Christmas carols.

    Best wishes,
    Aunt Bea

  13. Your new designs are just gorgeous Michelle - you have been busy :-) I'd love to take credit for the stitching at The Country Yard...we all chip in and make samples for the shop but these ones were stitched by Kerryn, not me...although I did trace them for her, does that count?! We Love this latest Alphabet book!

  14. Ooo more gorgeous Christmas designs. Love them. Wonderful show & tell. Hugs,xx

  15. Kerryn's creations are so lovely- That lady has some mad skills.

    I see Mr. Gingerbread Man is all done. He's a cutie!

  16. fabulous new designs... ready for Christmas... and how lovely to see how others have been made up... she is very clever...

  17. Oh such pretty new patterns , you have such a beautifully creative mind , love all your work ! Lovely show and tell too , always nice to see someone else's version of a pattern . Hugs Sheila

  18. I love your little Christmas stitchery Michele. I can just see it hanging on my tree. The Country Yard cushions are lovely as you say. I have seen them in real life as The Country Yard is my favourite shop and I frequent it often! Kerryn, Raewyn and Leeanne are all wonderful talented women and always make you feel so welcome.

  19. the only thing worse than the printer running out of ink is when the computer dies midway through pattern writing!! At least you'll get a reprieve until tomorrow!
    Such lovely stitcheries, both previews and finishes...always so special to see what others make with them!
    xox sugary hugs :o)

  20. many lovely projectss Michelle....

  21. So sorry Michelle, somehow this post was missed by me! yesterday Kerryn told me about it. Love your new designs. I am looking forward to stitching from my alphabet book, when Kerryn got them to the shop I knew I had to have one!


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