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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Beautiful Bay

We have cured our cabin fever with a drive to Redcliffe one of our Bayide suburbs across the Brisbane river.  Now I warn you lots of know I just cannot post one! It was a glorious, sunny day and the bay looked a picture.
There were also markets on the esplanade...
Mr R. and I had a lovely casual lunch here..
With views across the road to the bay. After which we went to view what we really came to see...
We have always been huge fans...
It is quite nicely done and the photographs are wonderful...quite a trip down memory lane...of course like all teenage girls I really fancied Barry Gibb!
This Mr R. tells me this the first Bee Gees Album that he bought.

The bronze statue of the boys as youngsters is very sweet with a lovely poem written I think by Barry at their feet.
All those yellow plaques are their songs...
A really lovely tribute to them and the place where they started.
We had quite a nice wander through one of the parks and the natives were really putting on a show.
The local residents were having an enjoyable day too...
On the way home folks were flying kites...
We had such a lovely time.....we even bought home some goodies from the markets. Some verrrry good and some....well a bit naughty!
Naughty but oh so nice!
I hasten to add that I am NOT responsible for the cupcakes!
I hope you have enjoyed your Sunday doing something that you love to do.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Looks like you had a fun day out.

  2. A gorgeous day out Michelle ... & here I sit still with winter woollies on & the fire going :-) I too, just loved the Bee Gees when I was younger, still do in fact. Have a great week x0x

  3. Lovely post Michelle, I love the bay too, and I am sure you are maybe just a little responsible for the cupcakes....
    even if it was just carrying them they look yummy..xx

  4. Lol wow what a wonderful day you both had and thankyou for sharing it with I us,you have taken such lovely pics Michelle,Namaste my friend.xx

  5. what a great day out..
    love those kites!
    I think you have achieved a balance with the cupcakes and the strawberries.

  6. What a wonderful day to spend a day...

  7. It looks lovely. The kites are great.

  8. What a great day out Michelle. We really must go and have a look at the Bee Gees memorial one day.

  9. A great day out.......pretty flowers......nice goodies to eat, and a musical visit......what more could anyone want! Love the quilts in your previous post too.

  10. Nice day out. The Bay looks wonderful. Hugs,xx

  11. Looks like a wonderful day out, Michelle.

  12. I really enjoy it when you post about a day out- your posts always make me feel like I could have actually been there . Arent those kites ( and cupcakes ) fantastic!

  13. what a lovely day... must put that on our must visit list.... I love bloggers.. they help me find places a whole lot easier than hours of searching on the computer!!! Of course I knew you would never have a hand in choosing cupcakes!!

  14. What a wonderful way to spend the day. The weather does look perfect. And there was plenty to see and do. Love it!

  15. Awesome day ....great photos ,,,,loved the BG's

  16. Sounds like a perfect day out Michelle. Lovely photos. Those cupcakes look divine

  17. Love the kites. I never realized the Bee Gees were Australian. I thought they were from England. Slap me and call me an idiot. =) Thanks for sharing those pictures. I love seeing what it's like down under. I have so many friends there, I feel like I should move down myself. =) I liked your gingerbread men from Friday night, too.


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