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Monday, September 22, 2014

Good Morning and Happy Monday. I finished my quiet reading yesterday and did some prep work for a new commission I have for next my head had to be extracted from the tinsel for now.
I have had this fabric for quite a while and have been waiting for just the right project for it.
Can you see the sweet little birdies? So today I am working on....yep more little birdies! It appears others love them just as I do.
Nana Piccies....warning! First a little update on Erin....she is doing really well and we are praying it continues. It is so wonderful to see her start hitting her milestones at last like standing to reach that rascally toy when it is out of reach in the toybox....
and totally absorbed in playing. She loves her trucks and diggers! LOL!
Lachie has been building a pirate ship from Lego to enter into a competition... Super work mate!
My other two cuties, Cooper and Charlotte have been helping their Dad buy supplies for a lovely new kitchen....
Such a cute photo....I know I am biased!
Have a lovely week everyone.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Pretty fabrics, Michelle. I can see this is going to be another gorgeous project. Lovely photos of the grandies too.

  2. Very pretty fabric can't wait to see what you do with it. Beautiful grand babies - what a delight.

  3. Beautiful grand children Michelle, you are all lucky to have each other. Love that spotty little bird.

  4. I think birds are like houses, so many quilters seem to love them on their quilts! Cute grandiesxxxx

  5. Lovely fabrics there and I do love birdies too.
    Gorgeous photos of your darling Grandies...

  6. love the look of your new project... next year sounds so far away but it's not really is it... your grandies are so cuddleworthy...

  7. Gorgeous little birdies there Michelle - AND gorgeous little grandies also :-) Just adorable.

  8. Beautiful photos of the 'grandies' Michelle! Very nice fabric.

  9. lovely pics of your grandies!
    so good to hear that little Erin is doing so well.

  10. Love Lachie's pirate ship. Your angels from previous post are perfect without arms.

  11. The birds are very cute Michelle, it will be a long wait to see what it is I guess! Lovely to see your gorgeous grandies too :-)

  12. Lots of fun with grandies - perfect!
    And the birdies are gorgeous, too!

  13. Those grandies are growing! That pretty blue fabric looks familiar, there is some in my stash.

  14. Way to go Lachie. Thats one great Lego model!!!

    Everyone in your family is incredibly photogenic and cute Michelle. Great news about Erin too.

  15. Beautiful little bluebird and your grandkids are all gorgeous, I can imagine it must be wonderful being a grandparent and enjoying their milestones. xx


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