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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FHFS and Goodie Bags

My little "Christmas Goodie Bags" are all written up and in pattern form now.
There are 3 different stitcheries...
The cost of the pattern is $14.00 AUS plus postage for overseas customers. Just email me if you are interested. Don't forget the other new releases too!

I belong to a lovely group of ladies and our most recent swap was 'spots' you may remember the parcel I sent off.
Well it has arrived on the doorstep of my dear friend Cheryl. As soon as I knew she was my partner I just had to work the spots into something "Christmas" as we both suffer from the same condition.....very sad! We are both big fans of Christmas decorating. The following photos are borrowed from Cheryl's lovely blog as some silly forgot to take photos before she wrapped up the parcels...
A little Frosty snoozing in a skate wall hanging....
Spotty fabrics, spotty sweets, a spotty notepad.
A little needle book (spotty background) spotty buttons and ribbon...
and lastly a spotty bookmark and a big 'spot' one of my new Christmas ornies.
This has been such a fun swap and I found myself seeing spots everywhere I went. Next one...on to some Christmas parcels!!! Thanks Cheryl for the loan of the photos.
Yesterday I had a quiet day really trying to make some progress on my new project. As I hate daytime know what I mean (funeral and accident insurance, actually any kind of insurance and worse) I usually watch a DVD. Do you have a favourite book that was made into a movie?

Mine is "Out of Africa" by Isak Dinesen. I loved the book and adore the movie...oh and the music!
Besides what's not to love ....Robert Redford and Meryl Streep!
So that was my choice yesterday....of course the moment I hear the beautiful soundtrack the eyes mist over.
It was just lovely sitting stitching and enjoying the beautiful photography and story. I got 2 blocks appliqued and so today as I am stitching with friends I thought I would finish the stitchery on them.
Have a  lovely day all, I must fly. Loved this beautiful graphic from The Crystal Castle...

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Love them. Put one in the post for me please Michelle. :). Love what you sent in the spotty swap. Hugs, xx

  2. Michelle .... love them all.... what a great idea go spotty

  3. such sweet new patterns and I just love the bundle of spotty goodies you put time tv is hopeless - when i'm not at the machine I like to listen to a book whilst sewing...

  4. What lovely gifts, Michelle. My pattern arrived yesterday - thank you, it's gorgeous - I'm hoping to trace it off this afternoon to take away on a short trip to Central West NSW and Canberra. Out of Africa has always been one of my favourite books and films and I was thrilled to visit Karen Blixen's home outside Copenhagen a few years ago, everything was arranged as if she'd just stepped out for a moment and it felt so welcoming.

  5. Hi Michelle oh i love your new patterns,you are such a clever chicky,i never watch TV during the day and if i do want to do some stitching i put on my star Trek DVD's lol or the sliders,i like science fiction. Enjoy your stitching day my friend.xx

  6. You sent Cheryl some beautiful gifts, Michelle. I love the little snowman peeping out of the skate! xx

  7. Lovely new patterns and lovely gifts for Cheryll . Hugs Sheila

  8. Wonderful patterns Michelle. I hope you have a great day out stitching with friends too! :)

  9. Great new patterns. Lovely swap gifts. Have a great day out.

  10. Lovely post Michelle, I love those little Goody Bags.
    I have just caught up with all your recent posts as I have just returned home from a holiday in U.S.A and Canada.
    So glad to hear Erin is doing so well, and your other little Grandies too.
    Hugs R.

  11. Such lovely gifts you made! And even spotty sweets. Very clever, my friend.

  12. You have been busy! I have never seen that movie, sounds like I would get a lump in my throat! Lovely gifts, lots of spots!

  13. lovely new designs Michelle,
    the gifts you made for Cheryl are gorgeous. lucky girl.

  14. Oh Michelle, what gorgeous spotty swap gifts. What a great idea, a spotty swap :-) That appeals to me as I love all dotty things. Your new christmas bags are just gorgeous too.

  15. Lots of spots and dots, for sure! Pretty appliqué, too. I don't watch movies while I sew, but can't do so without music playing.

  16. Oh Michelle what a gorgeous parcel you made up for Cheryl, just beautiful as are your new patterns.

  17. Hi Michelle, I'm baaaack :)
    lovely post, full of goodies, and I am in love with the red spot dress Christmas dec. Is it available as a pattern? xx

  18. Your swap parcel is gorgeous. Such a wonderful bundle of delightful gifts. Beautiful work.
    I try to record programs to watch during the day when I plan to sew. It works ... sometimes.

  19. Your parcel is amazing...the Chrismas bags are so darn cute

  20. Your bundle of goodies for Cheryl was gorgeous...just love those little bags...

  21. A lovely post Michelle....I love that soundtrack also....I think the same man also composed Dances with Wolves all time favourite...just beautiful!

  22. mmmm, Robert Redford... he is old-school swoon-worthy!

    But back to the spots, Michelle your gifts are so lovely, all very fun & thoughtful

  23. Fantastic goodie parcel Michelle. Love everything you were sent. Cheryl is the bomb!

    Ugh - I know exactly what you mean about day time TV - I usually opt for watching something on my Ipad if Im home for the day and want some down time.

  24. Loved my most gorgeous gifts dear friend - thankyou from the bottom of my heart


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