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Monday, September 15, 2014

Marvelous Monday and a Giveaway

Monday is here again and I trust that you all enjoyed your weekend. Mine was spent hunched over the computer trying to sort out our holiday snaps and get them off to the nice people who will turn it into a book for us before my 'on sale' voucher ran out. Talk about square eyes. But I got it all done so I am looking forward to seeing how it turned out and if my very tired and deranged mind made the right choices.
Apart from that I got quite a bit of stitching done.
I have a lovely friend who adores Angels, white ones in particular. So as I was playing with some felt anyway I decided to see if I could make one with some embellishments....
I just love embroidery on felt. I think she will be very much appreciated when her new owner receives her.
On my trip last year I had a day out with the lovely Shez and she took me to Gail's Patchwork Emporium which was beautiful. I spied this lovely ric rac braid which I bought and have been wanted to use it in a project. So........
Out of this little bundle of chaos I managed to make this little goodie bag.
Do you like it? Two more still to come! Hopefully I will get the others done today.
Another finish was "Amongst the Holly" tote bag. Perfect for all those gifts you take to your Christmas parties. I drew this design last year on the road and found the fabric too (can't remember where) and loved stitching it....want to see?
I have written instructions for 4 new patterns and I should have them for you this week.
Speaking of patterns. I thought it was time for me to share a little gift with you in the form of a giveaway.
Please excuse the photo but I have 2 of my Christmas patterns and a cute piece of fabric.
I am sorry but it is for Aussies only due to postage cost restrictions :( If you would like to be in the draw just leave me a comment saying so. I will draw it next Monday.

Ok! I always endeavour to keep my blog a happy place but I feel as if I need to say this. So I am hopping up on to my soap box for a little look away if you need to.
I am on Facebook, somewhat sparingly as my heart lies with blogging. Mainly I think because I am a gasbag and can't fit in everything I want to say. LOL! I know we are very fortunate to live in a Country where any uniformed idiot has the democratic right to voice their opinion but I am so sick and tired of ignorant people making uninformed comments about children with special needs just needing the strap or being badly parented. We have had many difficulties in our family with just these issues and let me just say the parents are so dedicated, committed and loving under very trying circumstances sometimes. So folks unless you have first hand experience ( and how very fortunate you are if you don't) please think before you make these rude and hurtful comments because there are real families, parents and children out there doing the very best that they can. Show a little love and compassion. There are many more wonderful things to share than this.
As a family we wouldn't have missed knowing and loving our special child just as they are.
Just saying!!! Right jumping down off my soapbox now.
Lastly wanted to share a special moment. Our Grandson completed his very first Soccer season, scored his first goal too. He celebrated with a fun day with his mates and a trophy. Well done Lachie xx
I wish you all a wonderful week.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. I totally agree with you. I cannot even begin to describe some of the horrible things that have been said to me about my darling son who has autism. People can be very harsh and the sad thing is they are sometimes said behind your back by people who you thought were your friends. One even said my son deserved to die because he was 'retarded' anyway. I implore everyone to think about what you say, words can really hurt.
    PS I'm off my soap box too and would love to enter your giveaway. Please enter mine.

  2. Your goodie bags are looking great and well done on the pattern writing front, too.
    Congrats to Lachie for his trophy and full season of soccer.
    Unfortunately F/book has given too many people the ability to speak without thinking. Sad to see our society heading this way.

  3. I just love your designs, and would love to win! How kind and generous of you to have a giveaway! And as for people who make unkind and ill-informed comments, how narrow minded..I work with little ones and all children have needs of some kind, and I am happy as their teacher to do the best I can so they can do their best! I have some very challenging little people and I find it so rewarding to help them on their way with learning.

  4. Words can be cruel indeed, some people just don't think sometimes.
    As for all the goodies you have been making, awesomeness! Love the white felt angel!

  5. Your little white angel is adorable! Well done.

  6. Would love to be in the draw, Michelle - thank you. Michelle and Melody , I am very sorry indeed that you and your families have had to cope with inappropriate/ignorant remarks. I do enjoy the nicer aspects of FB but am concerned that it is often a forum for the uninformed, the untruthful and the downright nasty. OK, I'm off the soapbox now - it was getting a bit crowded.

  7. It is very sad that people can be so cruel. Parents with a special child do a fabulous job.Hugs to all..

    Great photo of Lachie, well done .

    thank you for having a lovely giveaway...

  8. Hi Michelle ,boy you sure have been busy,love your angel and your new projects and you must be due down my way again soon my friend.
    Oh Michelle i am so sorry to hear that your family have had hurtful things said to them,its a sad world sometimes.These beautiful children are on this earth for a purpose just like every body else,sending you and your beautiful family big hugs Michelle,and how well did your little man do in soccer.
    Namaste my lovely friend.xx

  9. Love your angel & the bags. Can't wait to see the new patterns. So sorry to hear your family has had hurtful things said to them. People can be just so cruel at times. Congratulations to Lachie. Hugs, xx

  10. Lovely projects Michelle and I especially like your little holly birdie :)
    Look forward to checking out your new patterns and would love to get Christmas stitching.
    I work in early learning and some of my fondest memories and giggles are with those 'special' cherubs :)

  11. Your new angel & your patterns are just gorgeous Michelle - as always :-)
    I hear & agree with everything you are saying, some folk can be so cruel & speak their minds before engaging their brains quite often!!!

  12. You have every right to be on your soap box Michelle....I wonder what these hurtful people say to their own children! I have worked with special needs children and have found it to be sometimes frustrating but mostly wonderfully rewarding work. It is so joyful to see tiny steps forward!
    Your goodie bags are wonderful!
    Congratulations to Lachie on his trophy and his soccer season....both my boys played soccer.
    Would love to go in the draw too please.
    Sending happy thoughts! :-)

  13. Love, Love, Love your bag creations. I would love to be entered in the draw for your lovely patterns to please.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Michelle, your embroidery is so pretty! Everyone is an expert on 'other people's children', aren't they?

  15. What a sweet angel, Michelle. Your bags are lovely too. Some people are just plain horrible. I'm sure everyone does their best when dealing with these issues. Congratulations to Lachie. I bet he had the best time playing soccer. Hugs, Christine xx

  16. what a lovely lot of things you have shown us today...
    congrats to Lachie with his soccer.
    unfortunately a lot of people say stuff they know nothing about, just shows their ignorance...maybe they would be better by putting themselves into your shoes for a while, trying volunteering with special needs kids/families and see the dedication from within.
    love your patterns

  17. Well done Michelle. It is amazing how cruel some people can be. 'People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' I say. Your sure have had a busy weekend. I love your white angel and your tote bag.

  18. Your projects are so gorgeous! I look forward to more design releases!! Well done to Lachie, he looks well pleased with his trophy! You are quite ok to vent, I hear what you are saying and do wonder about people who have such narrow minded attitudes :-(

  19. Love your angel, very beautiful. You've been very busy & the little goodie bag is a pattern I'll have to get. Sorry to hear about the meanness of people.Congrats to Lachie. I would love to be entered in your giveaway

  20. I think I have finally worked it out so for the first time you will be able to get my comment. You know as your bestest friend that I absolutely love all the projects that you do and. Now I can tell you on your blog. Ye ha!! Even a photo!!
    I felt so strongly and agree wholeheartedly about your comments. This is why I had to find out how to comment. Even put a photo on LOL

  21. What lovely work you do Michelle and I would like to enter your give away. I am sorry to hear that hurtful things have been said and wish you and your family all the best. Congratulations to Lachie on his first year at soccer. Hugs.

  22. There are some very sad cruel people in the world Michelle....and your projects are are such a generous friend...

  23. Some people should just keep their mouth SHUT & their mind OPEN! Whatever happened to the saying...
    If you can't say anything NICE then don't say anything at all!!!
    Wonderful Angel Michelle...perhaps those people need some Angel dust sprinkled on them...

    Would love to have you pull my name out of the "hat" as I just love your patterns. Thanks for the giveaway! xox

  24. Would love to be in your giveaway! Take care xx

  25. I couldn't agree with you more Michelle. Too many negative opinions are voiced on FB, I prefer the positive blogging vibe too. Lovely felt projects.

  26. What a gorgeous angel Michelle and LOVE all your new projects. Can't wait for the patterns to be available. Such a lovely giveaway too, thankyou for your generosity as always. I can't agree with you more - it is always people who are uninformed or who have no idea that make these cruel, vicious comments. They have no idea. Well done to gorgeous Lachie

  27. I've almost given FB away as it is so full of rubbish that people share. Stopped even looking at it for several months. Have been back on lately just to test the water. Such a shame because it really is a good way to keep up with friends & family overseas.
    I absolutely adore your little birdie gift bag. And the angel is adorable. Lucky friend to be getting that.

  28. Im on my soapbox too. This is a subject close to my heart as I work with children with additional needs. The world is a sad place indeed when people are unable to accept difference and uniqueness , when they are ignorant and intolerant and when they think they have a right to somehow judge other people's parenting without having any knowledge of the true story.

    Facebook (and the internet in some instances generally) brings out trolls who play keyboard warriors with little regard for the feelings of others. Those small minded individuals need to get a life.

  29. Well said Michelle. I take my hat off to parent's with children with special needs for the amazing things they do with, and for, their children.
    Your stitcheries are amazing as always. I have to admit to being a fellow Christmas-holic and I love your little angel and your Christmas tote. Please enter me in your giveaway as your projects look wonderful. Thanks.
    Hope you have another productive week. Cheers, Tracy.

  30. Hi there. I've just found your blog via the World Blog Hop which I did some more hopping to you. Anyway, as I scanned down your blog I saw that great embroidery alphabets designs and am really interested in purchasing it if possible.
    As for people who make snap comments about something they no nothing about.....As a teacher, I was always for the child who struggled, needed an extra hand or hug. It seems that we don't take enough time to understand but jump to judgment. I say, judge yet not!
    Love is the key.

  31. Michelle, you have such lovely designs. I am not an Aussie, so I cannot be in the giveaway. But I would like to respond to your comments about Facebook. I have no children so I cannot imagine what it would be like to raise a child without special needs. But I did volunteer at a Special Olympics event and I know it would take someone with a lot of patience, a lot of gentleness, and courage to raise a special needs child. I feel that when people make hurtful comments about things such as special needs children and their parents, it is because there is a part of them that knows you have something they will never have - a wonderful soul. They are simply jealous of you and they lash out with anger and nasty remarks. Let them rant and rave and voice their opinions. Then take a deep breath, let it out, and thank The Divine that you are not like them and are blessed with a beautiful child, sibling, mother, father, friend, whoever that needs your support.

    You are an angel on earth, Michelle. You can be very proud of that!

  32. how lovely are those designs.... and I can't wait to see you next week.... try not to let others get under your skin .. they are not worth it.... ignorance is no excuse but sadly that is reality... it's the same with depression and suicide..
    BIG HUGZ.....x

  33. Hello Michelle,
    What an angelic looking Angel. Did you put any Lavender inside her?
    Congratulations to Lachie, I bet that trophy is his favourite possession this week. Glad you were able to get out the stuff that needed to be said. Don't do Facebook etc. Blogs are so much nicer.I would appreciate an entry into your special giveaway.
    Have a wonderful day Michelle.

    Happy days.

  34. Your creativity keeps flowing, thanks for sharing. All children deserve to be loved and cared for.

  35. Love the angel - always on the lookout for a new angel to make!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    There are soem very ignorant and selfish poeple out there. All you can do is try to ignore them.

  36. Love all the patterns and I totally agree with all you said\
    Love to enter your giveaway


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