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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Very Kind Elves

I have had two very kind Elves pop some lovely gifts in my Christmas stocking.The first little Elf, our own very lovely "Swap Mama" Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' thought of me when she was on her holiday to China and knowing how much I love Bookmarks had one made with my name on it and translated according to Chinese and it turns out "I live my life to make a lot of good memories". How cool is that. There is also a gorgeous mother of pearl Korean Book pretty. Definitely two for my collection. Cheryll also made me 6 lovely Christmas coasters with a personal bloggy message from her blog to mine. Thank you so much Cheryll.

The other lovely little Elf is Joy from Joyful Stitching who has been an avid stitcher of my designs for a very long time now. Joy is also the most kind and generous lady. Joy has made the sweetest mug rug. She has cross-stitched the cutest reindeer with gorgeous little robins on his antlers and also a beautiful cross-stitched card with a mail box and matching little robin....just beautiful. Thank you Joy.

Both you ladies made my day with your generosity and kindness....big hugs to you both (((((0)))))

A very warm day here today in the Sunshine State. So lots of cool drinks and maybe even a dip with my lizardy dragony friend. Although he seems to have vanished as quickly as he arrived.
I also have all these bits and pieces to trace out....
and get prepared to stitch. Looks like ready or not you are all going to get another healthy dose of projects from the old "Rag-tag Stitchin'" in 2014. Ohhh! I love new designs and the excitement of getting them on to the fabric to see them come to life in thread! I thought if I prepare it all now I can quietly do a little stitching over the holiday season when I feel like it. I think perhaps I am a little bit obsessed. Thank Goodness!!!
Enjoy your day.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Beautiful gifts you must have been a very good girls...

  2. How gorgeous is that Chez.....I to have been spoilt...

  3. what beautiful gifts Michelle,so nice to see you spoilt,well done Chez and Joy.xx

  4. Lucky you to be visited by such clever elves. Looking forward to some more designs next year.

  5. Oh what beautiful the book marks.
    You must be a very good girl...I know you are just gorgeous and deserve to be spoilt.
    Looking forward to more lovely things in 2014 from you..xxoxx

  6. Lovely presents. I look forward to your new designs. I like the angel.

  7. Beautiful gifts! Looking forward to 2014!

  8. What lovely gifts, you must be feeling very spoilt!

  9. What beautiful gifts. It feels good to be spoiled.

  10. Gorgeous little gifts delivered from wonderful friends errr elves?

  11. the coasters and bookmark are fun aren't they... clever idea.... sweet little mug rug too.. I love using them ... it was hot and humid here yesterday too....
    Enjoy stitching ...

  12. Beautiful gifts and it's always lovely seeing what projects you are working on :) Your blog is looking very Christmasy. xx

  13. Oh how lovely, the bookmarks are stunning, the translation sounds apt :) Apparently the very nice (as opposed to naughty) have a wonderful spoily Christmas month- fabulous tradition to be starting, lol

  14. Lovely, thoughtful gifts.
    Stay cool and enjoy your stitching.

  15. Now do you think we mind Michelle about lots of new designs for 2014. Lovely gifts - you deserve to be spoilt


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