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Friday, December 6, 2013

FNWF & A Tiny Oops!!!

It has been bought to my attention that there has been a bit of an "oops!" in my pattern for my needlebook design of "Let's Stitch" . The circle for the felt needle holder had slipped out of the folder when I was at the printer....
So....if you have purchased this pattern or received it as a gift from me please contact me with your addy and I will post you the little circle drawing or if you wish to draw the circle yourself, the diameter of the circle is
2 1/2 inches. I do apologise for this but sometimes no matter how much you read, edit and check mistakes are big sorries!
Tonight I am joining my other blogging friends for our last FNWF for the year. Our lovely hostess is Cheryll
Thank you Cheryll for having us at your place this year.
Now! What will I be working on??? I thought perhaps I would do some more work on my cottage...
or perhaps a few stitches in one of my new 'secret' projects. I shall look forward to seeing what everyone gets up to. It is so nice to know friends all over Australia and beyond are sitting in their homes stitching along with you. So be there or be square!
I cannot end this post without mentioning the passing of Nelson Mandela. A wonderful instrument of peace in his own country and an inspiration throughout the world.
I for one admired him immensely. Found great inspiration in his writings. Rest in Peace Madiba.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. That's a really nice little cottage, I could live there! Nelson Mandela will be very much missed - truly a man who did a lot for his people, and for people everywhere.

  2. Love the cottage! Nelson Mandela certainly was an amazing man. Have fun FNWF.

  3. I purchased the pattern. Love the cottage. Hugs, xx.

  4. oops you made an ooops....
    I love that little cottage ... can't help feel sad about Madiba ... I alwyas liked the sound of his voice...

  5. Love your little cottage Michelle. Very sad about Nelson Mandella. I'll just a circle Michelle - I have a set of plastic ones

  6. lovely house block Michelle and thankyou for letting us know about the oops,we all do them and yes he was a great man.xx

  7. Hi Michelle I haven't been on facebook lately so I'm a bit behind seeing your creations! I love these always have such pretty designs...

    Blessings' Loretta XX

  8. I hope you got a lot of lovely things done at FSWF.

    May Nelson Mandela RIP- he fought for positive change in the world and his contributions will never be forgotten.


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