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Friday, December 27, 2013

Swap Gifties and Christmas Celebration

Warning: Heavy photo post!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas whether it was a busy or a quiet affair. We had our family celebration on Boxing Day this year and as it was an extremely hot day we did what Santa is doing and hung out in the pool with Children and Grandchildren and various blow up pool toys (thanks to Mr R. of course!!!)
No 1 Grandson Master L. had the chilling out thing down pat....soo cute!
Grampy did a lot of pushing little boys around the pool on the giant thong...and I can vouch for the fact that you know when you have eaten tooooo much Plum Pudding when you cannot haul your butt onto the pool flotation device without half drowning yourself and (so worth it though)No photo it is too scary!!!
No 1 Granddaughter and Mummy got in on the act too...
Poor baby Granddaughter Miss E. had a very sore mouth (teething) and didn't have a swim and her Mummy was our photographer...she did enjoy her 1st Christmas stocking though!
and don't you just love the sound of ripping paper that reveals...."Superheroes"!!!
or "Lego"!!!
Miss C just wanted to know what all the fuss was about she preferred the wrapping paper..
Of course we ate far too much, DIL's pavlova (no picture because we ate it), Plum Pudding and one of  DD's famous Kit Kat creations....
So all in all we had  a very lovely day with our family and consider ourselves extremely blessed.
Boy was I spoilt by the very lovely Tarnyia from away over in WA. Look at my beautiful table centre...
I could only piece that in my dreams...and it is so beautifully quilted. Tarnyia also included some lovely Christmas fabrics to put in my Chrissy stash... and a beautiful diary with daily affirmations....
ohhh love it all. Thank you so much Tarnyia.
Now I sent to a lovely lady called Carol (no blog) and like a dolt didn't take piccies of the gift completed so I only have a couple of pics. My theme had to be "reindeers" when I saw these cute tags...
So I sent Carol a little reindeer and tree ornament, some sweet smelling soap, some mint leaves (her favourites, got the heads up from our Peg) with some reindeer serviettes and tea towel, a quilt calendar, Lynette Anderson fabrics and pattern and her gift for under the tree was popped into this little bag..
I made a runner with some reindeers appliqued on of course (sticking with the theme) but I only have a snippet to show you...
And when you are considering reindeers you have to have a copy of "Down Reindeer Lane"!
I received a beautiful email from Carol telling me she was very pleased with what I had sent her which makes me very happy! It was joy to put together my parcel for Carol.
Are you still with me???? Well I shall go and leave you in peace now as my house is finally empty of all house guests and visitors and I am going to go and drink in the silence.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. what a wonderful day spent with the family Michelle and love what tarnyia sent you and love what you sent to Carol,great swaps my friend.xx

  2. OMG - Just tooooo and Christmas just go together like strawberries and ice cream...perfect...

  3. All sounds and looks fabulous Michelle. Sharyn:)

  4. Fabulous post Michelle, and I see you have been doing much the same as we have - cooling off in the pool, and now enjoying the silence after the guests have all gone home! I would like more info on the kit kat creation - very interesting...and the reindeer creations are just gorgeous.

  5. Fun post! So enjoyed seeing your adorable family enjoying their special day! Love all the gifts. Carol certainly was a lucky girl!!

  6. Fun family time! Your presents are lovely.

  7. Great time spent with family and the swap goodies are just gorgeous.

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family Michelle! Love the photos, you have some gorgeous grandkids!! We don't need the pool here in NZ, it been raining since xmas day! Love the gifts you received and the gifts you sent-Carol was very lucky!!

  9. Looks like the perfect post Christmas celebration to me ! Presents, and the pool to keep cool. Lots of lovely pictures of your fabulous family.

  10. Lovely pics of the family festivities...and gorgeous presses also...

  11. looks like you have enjoyed the festivities with your family. The babies are growing so quickly.
    wonderful home made gifts sent and received.
    enjoy your serenity.

  12. That KitKat creation looks wonderful. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Poor baby having teething troubles. Not fair.

  13. What wonderful family photos Michelle....your goodies from Tarnyia are gorgeous....and what you have sent to Carol...WOW...Carol does enjoy a mint leaf...LOL...

  14. Oh what a wonderful Christmas you had and very deserved...<3
    Isn't it great with family. :)
    Hope 2014 brings you lots of family fun, good health and happiness..Xox

  15. That looks like a perfectly wonderful day. So good to have the pool when the heat is around. And a great way to tire out all involved.

  16. That looks like a perfect Christmas Day...that Kit Kat creation looks rather intriguing...lovely table centre from Tarnyia...and the bag "gift bag" (well you put the gifts in it so it must be a gift bag!) you made for Carol is lovely...

  17. It looks like a wonderful day and the pool pictures are lovely. The gifts look gorgeous. xx


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