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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Pud Arrived, Lovely Mail & FNSI

I am sure you all have Traditions at Christmas time in your Family. We have one that involves a dear friend I have had for 35 years. My friend Karen. She is a wonderful cook and every year at around this time she delivers to our Family as a gift a gorgeous Plum Pudding....last night was that night!!!
"The Pud!!!!"
Being an "appreciator" and not a "creator" of fine foods, I consider myself to be so blessed to have very clever friends and family who are "Master Creators" in the kitchen. Thank you xxx (of course I would be thinner if they were cooks of my standard!!!)
Now my very hard working Postie has delivered to me this past 2 days the sweetest additions for my Christmas tree....firstly a beautiful stitched heart arrived from dear Christine from Macdonald's patch!
and this darling wee Santa's hat from Sisbabe from is just so cute! I love it!
and my lovely friend Cheryl from Cheryl's Stitchings who shares my love of cute gentlemen made of snow has made this gorgeous Frosty ornie....isn't he handsome x
To top all this off, yesterday I had lunch with my bestie Ann to catch up for Christmas and she very naughtily indulged my love of Jim Shore with this little sweetie...
Big hugs and huge thanks to you all. You have added to my Christmas Joy enormously and I will treasure them all as I do you. I feel very, very spoilt!
Now about stitching...
Tonight I am joining all the FNSI girls over at Wendy's to do a little stitching.

I have had a house guest for over a week so I don't know how much I shall get done or indeed what I shall get done but my intention is to join you all.....I even have "furry roaches" ( Ferrero Roche's) as they are referred to in our household! So hope to see you there.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. You have some lovely gifts there Michelle. Your friends know you well. Happy Chistmas.

  2. Such lovely gifts you have received Michelle and yummy homemade Xmas pudding is so good,enjoy.xx

  3. All your decorations look lovely and you are so lucky to have someone make that amazing pudding. I have only ever made pudding once in my life. It was successful but so much waiting and checking. That chicken ornament is very nice.

  4. Lovely gifts from your friends Michelle. That pudding looks yummy. Hugs.......

  5. What gorgeous gifts....pudding, yum......served with brandy custard?

  6. I can taste that Christmas pudding from here . YUM! I think its pretty cool you have your own personal pudding maker.

  7. lovely goodies.. there is just nothing like a good home made pud....
    hope the furry roaches are finished...


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