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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hot Summer Days!

Phew! What a hot day we had here yesterday in the old South East...40 degrees C. and not one breath of wind and very high humidy. So after chores a dip in the pool was necessary and then the A/C went on and I cut out all these little cuties which swap Mama Cheryll kindly gave me the heads up on after I received one from her as a know how much I love a pretty bookmark to mind my I fancy making a few to give as gifts too.
The tough part of the day was avoiding these little delicious hip expanders and their friends in the fridge....
I have been trying to tell them that their work here is DONE!!! Move on! I have been wondering whether Yoga mats come in Jumbo size...I am sure there will be spillover on mine. LOL! I really must get that surgery to remove that tube from my lips to my hips! I also indulged another little love too...
One of my very favourite books is Tim Winton's "Cloudstreet". Now you either Love it or Loathe it! So I shan't try and convince you either way. I have read it several times and so was very excited to see the miniseries appear on TV and had saved several episodes until I could sit and enjoy them.....which happened yesterday!
I loved the choice of actors for the show and  am looking forward to the rest of the series.
It is 10 degrees cooler here today thank goodness. I never take my decs or tree down until after New Year (must be that Celtic superstitious nature of mine) so I am using the time to relax and regroup and allow the creative juices time to recharge for when Inspiration comes-a-calling and I have to answer.
Must get back to my little bookmarks.
Enjoy your day,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Cute bookmarks Michelle! I love that expression, hip expanders!! We have had plenty of them around here too! HOpe today stays a little cooler for you and you get lots done on those bookmarks. I haven't heard of Cloudstreet but I have some Downtown Abbey saved for a stitching session this afternoon :-)

  2. Cute bookmarks...the series looks interesting

  3. such lovely bookmarks ,i am lucky enough to have received one from Chez,enjoy your winding down time Michelle.xx

  4. We have been fortunate to have had a couple of days in the low 30's so I have been soaking up the garden and just fiddling about outside. Temp is on the climb again from today so time is coming up to stay in and create!!! Those little bookmarks are great to use!

  5. Girl 11 and I are glad yesterday is over too!! Such a lovely breeze today and much more comfortable than the 34.2 in my kitchen yesterday. Those little dresses are so very sweet. xx debbie

  6. Love the bookmarks - so hot yesterday and of course the air con broke - hopefully it will get fixed this afternoon...Must investigate Cloudstreet - so far I have usually agreed with your choice of music and actors....

  7. Cute little bookmarks, I haven't seen that shape before! We had 40.4 yesterday......not nice at all.

  8. A beautiful new header on your blog Michelle, and I am in love with your little bookmarks :))
    Thank goodness it is 'bin day' here, and all the Hip Expanders have been consigned to oblivion. Just have to get through the New Year party minefield now! Happy New Year!

  9. I have the same little chocolates doing evil in my fridge. Be strong! Sweet little bookmarks. Hope the temps stay down.

  10. The bookmarks look great !
    I still find it so strange that you have such warm weather during Christmas days and not a lot of snow ;-)

  11. Cute little dresses...right, off to research Cloudstreet, not read that one but the DVD cover makes me want to know more...

  12. That sure is hot. You definitely need that pool!
    Enjoy your relaxing time. The decorations can wait. I think this is the best time to enjoy reading and chocolates!

  13. Love those book marks, just gorgeous. If you don't have enough Christmas goodies left over I can send some of mine! Don't know why I have to buy sooo much!

  14. Don't you worry about those calories you will sweat them off it is so hot where you are and you did do all that exercise in the pool!!

  15. Oh just love those book marks...
    boy those chocies had to be kept in the fridge yesterday. nice night tonight though...
    Happy New Year my friend may 2014 be a great one for you and yours <3

  16. Your book marks are so cute. They remind me of paper doll cloths.
    Oh how I would love to have a pool again. We had one put in at our last house and hubby hated all the work so he rarely says no, but he says no to that here for this home.
    Wishing you a Blessed New Year.

  17. Love love love those bookmarks...tres cute!

    Im slowly (or perhaps not so slowly) working my way through the mountain of chocolate that seems to have appeared here over Christmas. Its a tough job but someone has to do it...

  18. Cute bookmarks ... Happy new year special friend ...


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