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Friday, September 6, 2013

Mr R's Spiritual Home

Yesterday we arrived in "Boy Heaven".....give you a clue.
and maybe this...
I was left on the corner as Mr R. made a bee line for Mt Panorama to do a few laps. He says the Commodore just automatically heads for the place...hhmmm!
Anyway was I distressed. Not a jot, because on that corner happens to be "The Homepatch". I had a lovely time and made a donation and came away with some lovely bits and bobs and more red/cream fabric for my new 'in my head red/cream quilt'. Both of us were very happy little campers when we got home.
Today we set out for The Blue Mountains, a spot I have always loved. However today I had a goal in mind. The goal being to visit Rick Rutherford's Country Shoppe at Badgery House in Lawson.
If like me you were a huge fan of Australian Country Collections and Rick Rutherford's Country Magazines (I have the very first issues and the very first issue of Homespun Magazine too. Also Rick's work) you would have been as excited as I was to meet Rick instore. It is jam packed with gorgeousness in each of the specially themed rooms with (be still my beating heart...a year round Christmas Room!!) A very sweet little Irish Santa from Jim shore's collection has come home with me. Which ever country flavour you fancy it is there for you. Beautiful china, linen, homewares, teddies, collectables, gift ideas...the list goes on.
Rick was very gracious, generous with his time and as charming and fun as I knew he would be.
I was so thrilled to have a piccie together.
Rick also has another store in Leura, also in the Blue Mountains and a huge webshop and online Country Magazine at Thanks Rick. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
We then took ourselves off to play tourist and visit the iconic 3 Sisters at Echo Point at Katoomba. I never tire of looking at this vista even though today was a little hazy due to pre fire season burnoffs.
Aren't they something..
The whole vista from this vantage point is awe inspiring.
So of course another tourist shot...
and another..
I look very happy don't I? I had a great day and just after this photo I managed to fall off the path on the way back up, flat on my face (and that is hard for me to do lol) So I have a sore knee, shoulder and hands and my pride is quite a bit dented. Mr. R. helped me see the funny side and I now have a new nickname "Splat Ridgway". Lots of very kind people showed all manner of concern for my welfare which was very nice and gives you comfort in this harsh old world of ours.
Before 'the incident' Mr R. was very taken with this Harley Davidson motorcycle valued at $250,000 and known as the  "Indigenious Dreamtime Chopper" crated by Snake Charmer Choppers. Every aspect of the bike has a particular meaning...

Ok that's it from me. Hot shower and menthol rub for me folks.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. you two certainly are doing the km's
    hope you are ok after your splat incident!

  2. Ohhh hope the hot shower helps your splat injury. glad you had a great non guilt day lol xx

  3. What a shame your day ended on a 'low' note. I hope you pull up ok tomorrow Michelle. Sharyn:)

  4. Oh dear what a way to end such a great day. Hope you aren't too sore and that the rest of the trip is uneventful.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous day with a bit of a set back! Hope you're not too sore today. Really enjoyed the pics...looks like Paradise!

  6. I am so envious of your meeting with Rick.I have always loved his magazines, and like you, Have lots of the early ones. Bet the store is gorgeous!

  7. So sorry to hear about your splat fall, Michelle. Look after your bruises for the next few days. So exciting to meet Rick - I met him too at the same shop a few years ago, and also have a photograph, plus his autograph. Definitely a groupie...His Christmas book is my decorating guide every year.

  8. Hoe you are okay Michelle. You are not alone, I fell over in the yard a while back trying to turn the compost bin. Guess this means we have more in common. Loving your informative posts. Hugs.....

  9. Ouch! Hope you recover soon. The Blue Mountains are gorgeous, aren't they!

  10. A girl after my own heart. What a fantastic day and lovely to meet Rick - reminds me of our lovely trip there in July. all that walking you did in the Grampians without a mishap - hope it's not too painful Michelle

  11. I am so glad you got to visit The Homepatch.....and the Blue Mountains. Amazing scenery and lovely shops. Hope you're not too bruised and sore.

  12. lovely visit and places to go... lucky you.... no more splatting... hope you feel better...xx

  13. Hi Michelle - I adore anything Rick Rutherford & I always imagined he would be a lovely person in real life too :-)
    So sorry to hear of your fall & hope you are okay today. REally enjoying your travels, hugs, Julie

  14. I do hope you are feeling less sore and sorry today Michelle.

    I bet Mr. P was like a 12 year old boy at Mount Panorama. I know Mr. P would have been !

  15. Sorry to here you had a splat!! Hope the body isn't too sore today, at least you have many happy memories before the splat! Take card of yourself

  16. My dear Splat, that is NOT the way to end such a lovely day! I hope you're not too sore in the morning. How wonderful that folks were concerned about you - one time I fell flat on my face, hit the side of my face on cement full *splat* and NOBODY asked if I was ok. I was so embarrassed.

  17. More terrific photos Michelle, I haven't been in that area since I was a child so it might be a must soon.


  18. Very fortunate that Mr R had things to distract him when you were busy elsewhere.
    Sorry for the fall - hopefully you won't be too bad tomorrow.

  19. Was lovely to meet you Michelle :)))

  20. Oh you lucky thing in the Blue Mountains. We lived in Glenbrook for over three years. I started my introduction to patchwork in next door Springwood. Loved it there. Enjoy and take in the beauty. XX

  21. Hello Michelle, throughly enjoyed your DH had never been to the Blue Mountains...a couple of years ago his younger sister moved to Queensland and we drove her car there for her.....I suggested a detour through the Blue Mountains....I too have been a fan of Rick...and made a beeline for his store as well ...purchased a beautiful shell wreath for my sisters 50th Birthday..hugs lyn

  22. I knew that Mt P would not be bypassed and am so pleased you found a perfect way too pass the time.
    The Blue Mts are stunning and a visit to Rick R's is a real bonus. Now look after yourself for the rest of this holiday!!!
    Sorry I am late with my comment. I have been out of action for a week so am doing lots of catching up now.


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