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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moving On

It was really hard to leave our very tranquil spot by the Golburn River. We had a lovely rest and I did quite a bit of stitching and we had lovely walks along the river or just sat and watched it go by.
We loved this old bridge up river, we think it is called Chinaman's Bridge but don't quote us.
New horizons awaited. So we set off and I have to say we managed to take the 'road less travelled...
Our mission was to cut across to the Hume Highway....a simple undertaking according to my map....ah nope! Somewhere we missed a critical turn ended up with the beautiful vista above but on a not very accommodating gravel road with bemused livestock turning their heads to gaze at us on both sides. We did eventually find our path more luck than good management and saw an area we otherwise wouldn't have.
Our plans to get an early start had turned pear shaped and so lunch was next on the agenda. We entered Ned Kelly country and cruised into a lovely little town called Benalla. After lunch we visited the museum and had a look at their "Kelly Collection" which for some reason has always fascinated both of us.
Next to the museum is a small area of parkland next to lake Benalla with the most amazing Mural created by Ceramic artists....
It has little areas for children to play in, areas to sit and reflect or just rest. It is really quite wonderful. I found it utterly fascinating...there were new things to discover wherever you turned.
This little seat was close by.
We walked back to the car via the board walk along  Lake Benalla, below the murals which is really quite lovely.
On our way back we came across a sundial I am sorry I can' remember the name of it but if you stand on the month in the centre your shadow should fall on the correct time of the day. Mr R, tested the theory and...
it  correctly shadowed just past 1pm....really interesting.
Because of our unintended scenic tour in the morning we spent the evening in the little town of Holbrook that we always like to stop and have breakfast in when travelling. As the Hume Highway bypass now runs right on top of the caravan park (or so it seemed) not a lot of sleep was had with big trucks making there way down the highway all night! Brekky was however delicious as always!
We broke our journey at a little spot that is a favourite of mine as I have always loved the songs and poems about this little dog 'who sits on the tuckerbox 5 miles from Gundagai' since I was a child.
So of course...tourist! Photo!
If you enlarge the sign hopefully you can read about the story of the bullocky's dog.
We turned off the Hume and have had a lovely drive and the landscape has changed again. Undulating hills dotted with plump woolly jumpers nibbling on the grass. The bright yellow fields of canola are with us again stretching out into the distance like some exotic carpet. I have to also say that the wattles still have their best golden yellow dresses on. They have been spectacular! Every now and then we would come across fruit trees which have exploded into blossom...white, pale pink through to a deep almost cerise pink. I have no idea what they are. Whether they are cherry trees??? They pop up in the oddest of places and are often along the side of the road. Even had a pat and a chat with a truckies mate "Blue" at a pitstop. He was such a gorgeous dog. We throughly enjoyed our journey today.
But that's it from bed is calling....ahhh no big trucks!
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Wow, does the highway bypass Holbrook now? We haven't been that way for ages, as you can tell! Gundagai is a nice little town with a very interesting history too.

  2. Lovely camp spot by the Goulburn River Michelle. Benalla is my home town - lovely photos, bought back lots of lovely memories

  3. Sounds like a fabulous day. I love Benalla too, it's especially beautiful when all the roses are in bloom.

  4. Wonderful post. Have missed a few so will have to try and play catch up. Hugs.....

  5. lovely pics Michelle,glad you will have a good sleep tonight,looks like its getting warmer the more you are moving up.
    Looking forward to your next adventure take care.xx

  6. What a great time you had! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  7. I saw the dog on the tuckerbox as a kid. This brought back so many memories for me !

  8. a lovely drive... I did like the pictures of those tall gangly trees by the river....

  9. Glad to see you make the most of your detour. New discoveries and good fun.

  10. Love the photos - we found the sculptures at Benella by chance too and met the lady who had worked on it for 7 years!! I loved the baby sculpture on the inside. Sounds like the weather is getting warmer for you.


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