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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Father's Day & Wattle Day

Well being the 1st September it means that finally Spring has Sprung and also here in Australia it is "Wattle Day". So Happy Wattle Day!
Yesterday we set out to do the 'tourist' thing and headed for Sovereign Hill at Ballarat. Now I will have to tell you I dislike intensely being in crowds of people particularly at places like this but I have to say all in all I did enjoy the day. We began with a ride with these beautiful gentle giants around the precinct. This place is dedicated to portraying a slice of life on the Ballarat Goldfields about the mid 1850's.
Seeing as I had imparted to one of the "Trap" (police) that my Family were indeed free settlers and not convict stock we struck up a very amiable relationship..
Gary on the other hand being of convict stock was not so fortunate..
We watched this officer of sullied character ( his words) fire his musket (very loud!!!)
Gary went for a mine tour...underground! Not this little aboveground chikadee!
I went for a wee wander to look at some of the old cottages and of course what should I spy on one of the beds?

Back to the mine tour. They went down in this train affair...
NO Thanks! We watched an ingot of gold being poured..
And here is the ingot...$160,000 worth folks and it is only slighty bigger than a Mars Bar.
Gary was struck down with gold fever and tried his luck at making our fortune gold panning...
He did strike it rich, 3 small midgey size pieces. So he won't be retiring just yet.
We rounded off the day watching the Regiment perform their daily drill
and fire a 5 gun salute to the then Queen of England again very loud!
After a bag of boiled sweets, a pastie I was ready for our little home on wheels. This gorgeous sunset finished the day off very nicely thank you.

This morning we set out to tick off another little "really want to visit" spots on my list.
Mr R. detoured just so I could visit Mill Rose patchwork gallery in Ballan....oh so very nice! Donation made!
The gallery is housed in the old Masonic Building and right next door is Mill Rose Cottage.
Morning tea was definitely in order so in we went.
The girls in the gallery had told me that they make their very own vanilla we had to try one. Delicious and devine are words that spring to mind!!!
Energy restored we set out for Daylesford. I had been looking forward to having a bit of a browse but unfortunately forgot that it would be very busy being Father's Day and also their market day. We didn't stop as finding parking with the van was just to hard :( Next time Daylesford!!!
I got over my disappointment pretty quickly as the beautiful scenery unfolded as we drove along helped by the very mellow voice of James Taylor and nothing adds to an Australian bush drive than Mr Keith Urban.We stopped and had a very nice lunch at Country Cob Bakery in tonight we are very chilled out (but not chilly..short sleeves people!) Camped beside Lake Ngambie on the one side...
and Goulburn River on the other...
Such a pretty spot...
This is one of many of our new friends here.
Lastly but certainly not least I would like to wish my Dear Husband, My Son and my adopted Son (SIL) a very happy Father's Day. You are three of the best. Lots of love and hugs xxx I hope all the other wonderful and committed Father's out there had a wonderful day....your loving deeds will have a ripple effect far more than you will ever know.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I am so glad that you both had a wonderful day at sovereign hill,you both did alot there.
    What a shame you couldnt stop at Daylesford and i knew you would love Millrose,everyone does's,safe travels my friend and enjoy your chillin out time.xx

  2. Sovereign Hill is very interesting! Did you get to see the sound and light show in the evening? Millrose looks gorgeous too.

  3. You are having a marvellous trip......great photos.

  4. What a lovely post Ballarat! Fancy coming across a Trap LOL!

  5. What a delightful day. We celebrate Fathers' Day in June.

  6. So glad you got to the site of our Mill Rosie get together s. I love kyneton - did you get to the museum. It's great.

  7. Hello Michelle, I so enjoyed your post...a pity you missed MillRose Cottage and the goodies inside....Happy September Day to you..Hugs O'faigh

  8. What a fabulous trip you're having....I'll wave to you as I go by Nagambie on the way to work in Shepparton tomorrow...enjoy your time by the lake/river...

  9. Always great to catch up with history. Love the Mill Rose Cottage (outside), but, would love inside even more!

  10. Sovereign Hill is one of my favourite places. Did you watch them make the boiled lollies? Now you know where we go for our Mill Rosie get together. Isn't it a gorgeous place to visit!

  11. another gorgeous post with lovely things to see...

  12. Glad to see that you caught up with Shez and visited some of my favourite places. I haven't been to Gail's since she rebuilt, but hopefully soon.
    Enjoying all your fabulous snaps. Stay safe on your journey and please keep the pics coming.

  13. Great to see you had such a lovely day with the weather in Ballarat.
    It is a lovely spot and so good you could enjoy it all.

  14. Ooh how lovely - the quilt on the bed is gorgeous and I love the Mill Rose Cottage! My grandpa always wanted to take me panning for gold in Alaska, sad to say we never got there. Happy Father's Day to the dads in your family!!
    Oh - and Happy Wattle Day - here, we're in our unofficial last weekend of summer, Labor Day weekend, and I have to work - I'd rather be at the beach, lol!

  15. Sounds like a great day all round.Kyneton is so close too, such a shame we couldn't have met up. Ah well... am off to Ballan on Friday with Marina and Rosalie so will have to try the vanilla slice!

  16. Lovely day at Sovereign Hill Michelle - great photos. How gorgeous is that quilt. Beautiful spot you are camping

  17. Your travels have been so interesting , love hearing about the special places you visit , thanks for sharing !

  18. I must get back to Sovereign Hill one day.....I visited many years ago when my eldest two were pre schoolers...they are in their late 30's it must be time I went again :) Have been enjoying your travel posts - thanks for sharing!

  19. It looks another beautiful spot to visit. And camping beside the water looks idyllic!! Hugs Wendy


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