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Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 New Patterns

Good morning everyone on this very warm Brisbane morning. Feels like Summer is here already.
As promised I have 2 new patterns that are available for purchase now.
The first is a sweet little tote bag inspired by catching up with blogging friends last year. The little birdie graces my blog header. You may even recall me stitching it. Tea & Stitching with Friends Tote Bag 

It is the perfect little gift to make for a stitching friend or for your self to carry your stitching projects in.
You may purchase it by emailing me at for $13.50Aus plus P&H for overseas customers. Postage is free within Australia.
The second pattern is  Christmas Hearts which consists of 4 different little stitchery designs (all of my favs...frosty, gingie, reindeer and sweet birdie) stitched on to a felt heart. You could use them as a Christmas ornie, gift parcel decoration or stitch all 4 and hang them together for a sweet little display.
You can purchase the set for $13.50 Aus plus P&H for overseas customers. Just a reminder if you are an overseas customer I only accept payment via Paypal. Well I do hope you like these latest little offerings. I loved creating them. So if you wish to purchase either just email me.

I have lots more waiting in the wings folks I just need to stitch faster LOL! A holiday is so good for your creativity and getting the juices flowing...or the needle flying.
One thing I am doing at the moment relates to how much fun I had when I created the "B is for..." Hexie table centre ages ago. You all seemed to love it also. as many of you made it.

When I created this table centre I had also drawn up lots of other designs about 10 in all and put them aside to make a quilt of some sort at a later date....well that day has arrived and I am working on it at present. All I can say is it involves redwork and hexies....So stay tuned for that one. I have also had a wonderful time stitching some individual redwork pieces....happy bunny! I will post some sneakies of those later.
I seem to be getting a little pile of stitcheries that need to be assembled.

Before I go I had to put my Nanna hat on and post some recent piccies of my darling Grandies. We could not believe how much they had grown in the 5 weeks we were away. Yes I know that's what they are supposed to do but you really notice it when you haven't seen them for a wee while.
So firstly our gorgeous little girls...
"Miss C"
What a cutie pie!!
"Miss E"
Still has the most amazing hair. Cheeky chops! Now for the boys.
"Master L"
He is a huge Star Wars fan and he was very proud of his efforts assembling these. He also earned the money for them by being our Mail collector when we were away on holidays.
"Master C"
He was thrilled to catch 2 fish when he visited us on holidays and went fishing with Daddy and Grampy. He is Daddy's best little helper in all things....whether Daddy needs help or not lol.
We are so blessed with these beautiful little people I just wanted to share.
That's it for me today.
Thanks for visiting,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your new patterns are beautiful Michelle but not a scratch on the little creations at the end of your post!! The grandies are just the best reward in life aren't they!

  2. Luv your new patterns. Lovely to see the grandies...they bring another joy to life!!! Today is a blustery day in Victoria, cool sunshine, gale force winds & rain showers....thats spring :)

  3. congrats on releasing your new designs Michelle they are gorgeous.
    Wow your grandies are so cute and we have rain and strong winds today,think its still winter,lol.xx

  4. Such a bunch of cuties, both the patterns and the kids.

  5. aww your patterns are lovely, but your grandchildren are just gorgeous!!!! They do all grow soo quickly!

  6. Love your new patterns, Michelle. And those grandkids!! I'm so envious.

  7. My gosh, you have been busy! Lovely patterns, as always.
    Love the photos of your gorgeous grand children.
    I think I would prefer your weather than ours today - hail, wind, rain.

  8. Such gorgeous grandies - and lovely projects as always Michelle - keep em coming!

  9. Your new patterns are gorgeous Michelle. Am enjoying stitching Christmas Hearts at present, and saw a couple of lovely versions of your sweet new bag pattern at our bloggers get-together. Works in progress sounding great - who doesn't love redwork and hexies. And just beautiful photos of your grandies

  10. Beautiful photos of the grandies, Michelle. The girls are growing so quickly and are so cute. Lovely new patterns, and your new project sounds great too.

  11. Beautiful new patterns Michelle , you are such a talented lady :-) A question , how lold is your grandson Master L? The reason I ask is my grandson seems to be around the same age and is also a huge fan of star wars and building the lego . All your grandies are adorable . Hugs Sheila

  12. Beautiful grandchildren and the patterns are delightful.

  13. Adorably cute grandchildren! They clearly have your genes Michelle.

  14. More beautiful stitcheries! Lovely photos of the grandchildren. I bet you missed them on your trip.

  15. such lovely pics of the grandies... I always say you are so lucky to have them close for cuddles..... love your new patterns ... perfect..
    so hot... we were 36 yesterday but luckily not the winds...

  16. Lovely designs Michelle. Your grandies are gorgeous. Hugs.....

  17. your grandies are gorgeous!
    indulge away...

  18. Love the patterns.. will have to get the hearts decorations!(will email you) Those grandies are gorgeous.

  19. Gorgeous new patterns....and your grandies.....ohh you must b so proud...

  20. They're all so beautiful Michelle. :)

  21. Your new patterns are lovely Michelle, I love them both! And such cute photos of your grand children. xx

  22. Wonderful new pattern!
    Oh your grandkids are so cute!



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