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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coffee and Friends

As I said in my last post we were in Bathurst and we have been very pleased to have had beautiful sunny warm weather unlike last year where it was freezing, damp and well done Bathurst. It is a really lovely town though. I love all the quaint old houses and lovely heritage buildings.
On Saturday I was very excited as I got to meet our very talented Aussie designer from Frog Cottage Designs Deb Ramsay. A gorgeous girl. We have been blogging friends for ages and often Magazine Buddies (sharing the same issues)but not met in real time. Deb bought her friend Khrissy along who is also a blogger at baisinolil I had not met Khrissy before and it was she who chose our lovely venue "Sweet Caramel" Cafe for Afternoon Tea. Khrissy was also delightful. I felt I had known her for ages and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with these lovely ladies...
Khrissy, Deb and yours truly. Want to see the decadence that came our way???
We got to recline on lovely red velvet chairs or a linen chaise lounge with beautiful cushions. It was a beautiful setting and I particularly loved the quotes upon the walls..
The afternoon just flew with lots of chatting and laughing and discussing all things fabric and stitching. Thanks so much Khrissy...great choice! Deb travelled a few kilometres from her home to meet me in town which I so appreciated. Loved it girls!!! Thanks you so much.
We had a bit of a drive today. I am always the same. I get to a certain point travelling and even though I have had a wonderful time I need to be with in striking distance of home. So we are heading for the coast and my favourite landscape of all the ocean. Yay!
I have been admiring the cherry trees along our journey and had to snap this one where he had lunch today.
I don't see them at home in the sub-tropics so can't get enough of pretty!
The blossoms were full of very busy little bees buzzing away and beautiful butterflies landing on the blooms. Very nice to see nature going about it's work.
Well that is all for today folks. I have some nice stitching to go and  relax with. I will show you my efforts when I get home... at the moment the pieces have more crinkles than my chocolate wrappers when I am done with them....bit of a press required. I do hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Glad the weather has been friendlier this year, in fact it has been rather warm. Enjoy the rest of your trip Michelle. Sharyn:)

  2. So good for you to be able to catch up with blogger friends!. I tend to get itchy feet for home after a kittle while away. Enjoy the rest of your trip Michelle!!

  3. I can vouch for the cakes at Sweet Caramel.....a perfect spot for a blogger catch up. The blossoms are beautiful, but they never last long enough unfortunately.

  4. Those cakes look fabulous. Nearly home now. So glad you are having a good time.

  5. Those cakes look fabulous. Nearly home now. So glad you are having a good time.

  6. Cherry blossoms are just so beautiful - great photos! It is lovely you can meet up with so many blogger friends, and those cakes look delightfully decadent. Enjoy the rest of the trip. x

  7. What a lovely day catching up with the girls. Those desserts look divine. Enjoy your relax by the ocean Michelle

  8. I need to go to that cafe for coffee and yummy cake. I just adore those cherry trees.

  9. How lovely to meet some more bloggers.

  10. Im glad the weather has been kinder to you. It must be a bit of a shock to have all that cold weather thrown at you when you're use to living in the sub tropics!

    Meeting bloggers is a wonderful experience. And it looks like you gals did justice to all the food and drink goodies that came your way too!

  11. what a fun afternoon... travels are great with friend stops, and cake stops, and pretty trees and ocean stops...

  12. Wow what fantastic looking goodies!! The blossom is lovely, sometimes the best part of going away is heading home isn't it!! (Even thought you have had a great time!)

  13. Looks like a great catch up....yummy treats,,,

  14. Hello Michelle,

    Enjoying seeing who you meet up with on your trip.

    Happy days.

  15. Notes taken....Sweet Caramel and Rick Rutherfords...for my excursion to Blackheath in January, thanks for the tips!! Hope you enjoy your view of the ocean and the rest of your trip homewards...


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