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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well as life will have it all great holidays must come to an end and when we drove up our driveway yesterday we were amazed to see we had driven 4,999 kms on the dot. It was a wonderful time away and I loved catching up with friends along the way. I thought I would show you the stitching I did whilst I was away just so you know I was not completely idle.
When I met my lovely blogging friend Shez from Enjoying Life she was telling me how much she enjoyed using variegated threads and we did a little research and I bought a Country Gardens Thread called "Mistletoe" (very apt for me). Thanks Shez. I wanted to try something a little different for a mini I have designed for my little table topper stand (6 inch x 12 inch size). I must say I really enjoyed using it and I am pleased with the results. I feel as if for certain projects I would definitely use it again.. but I am not ashamed to admit I still love my DMC 816, anyway here is a sneaky.
I also finished 2 more "Frosty" to go!
I am really happy with these little "cool" folks. I have also managed to complete all the Dresden blades and I have appliqued 4 on to their background squares. I cannot wait for this quilt to be finished. I just adore these fabrics.

Speaking of fabrics, here is my little collection of reds/creams I picked up along the way on our travels...
and then there were these pretties I collected just because I fell in love with them.
Don't you just love imagining all the possiblities when you have new fabrics. I know I do.
Well I must away. Chaos is in residence at my house with unpacking everywhere as well as new grocery supplies and clean washing to put away....gee I think I need a holiday lol!
It seems so strange that just 2 weeks ago we were a wee bit chilly and here I am as I type this in shorts and tee-shirt and it is 32 degrees. Anyway thanks Country Victoria and NSW for your hospitality and beautiful scenery. We loved every bit of it...even the frozen bits which you tempered with delightful gardens.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Sounds as though you had a lovely holiday! But it's always good to sleep in your own bed again.......

  2. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound.I really like the variegated thread and love the red dresdens. Sharyn:)

  3. Lovely stitcheries Michelle.
    Glad to know you are safely home, lucky you to be back in the warm, it has turned so chilly again down here.
    Hugs R.

  4. It's good to have a holiday, but it's good to get home too. Your stitching and fabrics will remind you of your the reds and creams.

  5. You had a beautiful holiday and I enjoy your stories en pictures very much. What a beautiful country you live in. Thandk you for sharingit with us.
    Lovely fabrics and frosty friends.

  6. Glad that you are home safely. Love all the stitchings and fabrics .

  7. It's always good to be home!
    Your stitching looks lovely - great choice with the Cottage Garden threads.
    Love the way the dresdens are looking!
    Your weather sounds perfect!

  8. Love your stitcheries. Arriving home can be as chaotic as getting ready to go away - but it is always nice to get back to base.

  9. Welcome home, safe and sound! Love your stitcheries, and your fabrics are so yummy! Your blades are wonderful too...everything here is wonderful!

  10. Oh I am loving those Dresdens! They are my second favourite block - looking forward to seeing it all finished. My favourite red is 347...or anchor 39. We really do get attached to our reds don't we!?
    Hugs Jen

  11. Dear Michelle, welcome home. Your Dresdens are quite exquisite and a perfect choice of colour palette. The snowmen are too cute, and are ringing the bells for me: Christmas is not far away!

  12. Lovely following your travels Michelle, and even lovlier meeting you in person. Wonderful stitching - love all the projects you've been working on. And such yummy fabric purchases

  13. It's always good to be home.

    You managed to get quite a bit of craftiness in during your travels. I may have to hunt up some of that Mistletoe thread myself.

    Love those stash additions ...Beautiful!

  14. Love the sound of the variegated thread. Gorgeous fabrics. Hugs,xx

  15. Loving all your handwork! Pretty additions to our stash too, can't beat red lol. Welcome home and thank you again for catching up x

  16. welcome home and thanks for sharing your lovely trip with us.... lots of lovely stitching done and I love your fabric purchases.. going with a colour theme in mind is a great idea....

  17. Your stitcheries are so lovely!
    Dresden plates look wonderful!


  18. Your stitcheries are beautiful. Mistletoe thread is what I am using in the stitcheries you are sending me. I love it. The fabrics you bought on your trip look lovely I can see them being used in some of your new projects. Glad you are home safely and I do sympathize with all the work that has to be done. It does make you feel like you need another holiday. Hugs.....

  19. Nice that you are happy to be home after such a great holiday. I love those CG threads too, lovely colour variations :-) It's always lovely to relax with a bit of stitching so your holiday was complete! Good to see you supporting the quilt stores on your holidays.


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